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  1. ..Hi I have a quest called "relic of the village" and I have difficulty looling for it.. can someone show me how it look likes so I woll know :) Thank you :) ..
  2. ..Can I ask on how do they announce contest in forums because I really want to try it.. :) thank you ..
  3. What do u mean by using mcoins in getting gold when frming?? :fool:
  4. ..I'm just aware with this Items, Can I equip them when I buy? I'm at the required lvl and im curios about these red squared power ups .. ;D ;D Ans. back please 8)
  5. WOW I have like that! :DD :shout:
  6. ..Im asking for help to kill kratt and then he asked me to pay 1k for repair scroll, then he didn't invite me to there party while killing kratt already then he walkout :cray: :cray: .. Please help :cray:
  7. jhieng10


    what do u mean DEVS favorite ? :facepalm:
  8. WHAT ARE SIGNS SIR? :clapping:
  9. jhieng10


    haha he's always on gasphel scamming people! :diablo:
  10. jhieng10


    LOAD 50 on his sim card(philippines)
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