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  1. irfansha

    i got scam

    adnan leave it he is just Harami from his birth. His birth was haram, his growth was haram, his frndship haram..... We can gather dat gold soon np... Leave it. ********END OF TOPIC********
  2. irfansha

    i got scam

    Idk what admin doing..... And what dey r waiting for.....Even after providing everydetail y admin is not taking actions against scammers *z* It is motivating me in wrong direction.
  3. irfansha

    i got scam

    Its not shhhh its shhhhre plz b clear coz iam shhhhh and scammer is shhhhhree xd
  4. irfansha

    i got scam

    BRAVERY.......It's urs.....Even after scamming, after providing enough details of scam still u r trying to defend...... Soon u will b guilty of ur sins Shame on u ahmed...... Shame on ur frndship......
  5. irfansha

    i got scam

    Mind ur language ahmedU r guilty for scamming a players with whome u hunt even after posting da screen shot u r trying to defend ur self. Now it is black and white. Which clearly shows dat u scammed 380k and for what he shud shame. I really appreciate da work done by adnan. Now u supposed to pay back his gold asap
  6. irfansha

    i got scam

    Ahmed if u r talking about jelous let me inform u on every week i can make a lock equal to springylock. U no dat verywell. While retuning 380k to adnan also pay me 100k which u took And iam waiting for my gold
  7. irfansha

    i got scam

    AHMED,,,,,,Check da spellings of ur post *z* And u r saying someone illeterate :D
  8. irfansha

    i got scam

    RIGHTS AND DUTIESMmmmmmm, when u took gold from adnan its ur duty to pay back him on agreed time, but u ignored him like a noob coward. frnds...... u r not supposed to talk about frndship...... Anyhow its a game of gold u hav taken da gold from adnan and u hav to payback him....
  9. irfansha

    i got scam

    AHMED, U HAV TAKEN 100K FROM MEE TOOOOO........ I think u said u will give in a week, but one week passed one month back but i didnt receive any gold from u. I shame to say dat u were one of my frnd. And as da metter of challege i am ready face u with da character u wish........ And springy he was my frnd and will b my frnd....... And RICH.......If u r rich what made u to take gold from everyone..... Jelouse.... Find the difference between jelous and madness.......
  10. Dear snorlax, Thanks for the update, but der is bug in update. Game is crashing after every two minutes when i do some action with my guild. Plz fix it asap.
  11. we get lvl 18 gears from captiv, hydra and captured shaman. So how much hard other quests r. As da matter of drop it is random as usual no change in it. My problem is lag *z* lag *z* and lag *z*.
  12. hydra is not my topic, Admin said maintEnance but y he update da hydra. Der is difference between "MAINTENANCE AND UPDATE‎"‎
  13. Admin maid wrong maintenance, He said maintenance and why he made update in hydra. and for every 5 min der is lag. Iam sorry to say dis is a noob maintenance and I MADE A MISTAKE."I CHOOSE WARSPEAR IS DA BEST GAME" Before maintenance everything was fine *z*
  14. amazing lol, Congrats in advance
  15. :D, Gud joke. U guys started using some other language from forum it self *z*.
  16. hey, amp is matter of luck. We shud use signs from 0 it self for pro items. As da matter of getting back da staff der is "NO WAY" now u try for other staff
  17. dey just cowards :sorry:
  18. Twisted Charge +8 (Moon Crystal,Dodge Rune)pm shhhhh i wanna buy dat for my frnds u will get gold
  19. irfansha


    can u plz translate in English, so u may get some help
  20. the help i can do is u can get da link from Yunzil, but u cant get da outfit
  21. :cray: hope it will not take more dan {(3 hours) (180min) (10800 Sec)} wew its hard journey for me O:-)
  22. hi :give_rose: , my lovely crying babe :cray: , i think u forget something. u were one of my frnd when u were in mc. now i hate dis, idk what makes u to go choose elfs character but i will kill u whenever i see u. i wont think iam alone r with some ppl. but u will feel da pain.
  23. irfansha

    Arena tkts

    it has been so long time that the arena tkts r not in offer :diablo: .
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