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  1. Interesuje mnie tylko serwer 27
  2. Witam. Wymienię moje konta t.j. : - Druid Lv 16 (nie pamiętam eq ani stanu postaci gdyż dawno nie wchodziłem) - Priest Lv 15 (eq Lv 13 Full , staff Lv 13 +6 z skinem Storm Staff, bodajże 45 miejsc w bagu, chyba 30k kasy) Na konto w grze Shakes & Fidget serwer 27, z minimalnie 100 Lvl + Pisać ofy na PW lub w temacie.
  3. Hi. : ELF SIDE : I'm selling +7 Guiding Thread Vestments post here your price and nickname :D
  4. Sell +6 Guiding Thread Vestments... Write down offers here
  5. BUMP Sell +6 Guiding Thread Vestments
  6. Akumu

    CLAN SOUL!!!

    Could you post any requirments ? (ex. Lvl, classes, time in game etc)
  7. :drinks: Maybe just look on the top of website.... We are in category EU Emerald xD
  8. That one from m.coin... Its not old ;)
  9. Item: - Price: +6 Longbow with Illusion bow skin 125k or 50 sign Stronghold Guard Costume 35k or 15 sign Skarlet Valkyrie Dress 30k or 12 sign Golden Valkyrie Dress 30k or 12 sign [skin for Crossbow] Arrow Shooter 30k or 12 sign Plate Gloves Of Heroic Endurance 40k or 18 sign PM ingame - "Yaotzin" - or answer in topic. All sold. Still Im selling +6 Guiding Thread Vestments
  10. Akumu

    Arena Astral Paladin

    :shok: Gabraunth.... Very, very thanks. It will help me a lot.
  11. Akumu

    Arena Astral Paladin

    Very thanks for all instructions. It will be helpful for every pala watching this thread.
  12. Akumu

    Arena Astral Paladin

    8) Perfect describe ... It is that, what was I waiting for :) Thanks But here: You mean full heroic ?And... It's Arena shield better for fights than Lv 18 one from eye ?
  13. Hi. I need help from experienced players. I want make astral paladin only for lv 18 arena. My questions are: - How enchant sd mace, astral or dmg/dodge or parry ? - Which eq with astral should I buy ? - Which set should I buy (arena/heroic/divine/any mix) ? - How enchant arena shield, block or def ? - How enchant all items from set ? - What on should I focus in play / fights ? - Is this skill build good for astral pala: Purify/Aura/Heal ? Sorry for any mistakes and for my english. I am waiting for answers :]
  14. Every player has 2 votes ;)
  15. Akumu

    Stave Of Sudden Doom

    Temat do zamknięcia. Sprzedany za 550k.
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