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  1. actualy, John Snow is not.. oh nvm, spoiler alert
  2. hey guys, feel free to post pics of your toilet in this topic! here's mine
  3. ohhh hehe ! new skill was a joke eh? why didn't you tell me !
  4. Koffing?! Oh no ! it's team rocket ! psyduck, psybeam !
  5. Pokemon GO #1 PRO game tell em am rite, Catcurne !
  6. this topic is nosense, everybody knows Hassn is #1 PRO Warspear God, he can't lose
  7. is that you John Wayne? is this me? everybody wants to hear Cacturne !
  8. can't survive 1 day wihtout catchin pokemons would you rather have a butt-sized chin or a chin sized butt?
  9. another winner ! who's gonna get the prize?! Jules or Hyedra?!
  10. aaaaaaaand... we have.. a winner !!! now let's call the winner to give her a prize !! (that's you Jules)
  11. you all sound like hysteryc haturs.. daily chest is the best ! gm gave me a free hair color the other day and now i have a pink afro
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