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  1. Well.. chipmunks, rabbits and jerboas are part of an aigrind's conspiracy to brake our wepuns and make us all buy repairs from Mshop ! * grabs aluminum helmet *
  2. bak in my days, peep would run lab wid no preests
  3. 50 medals u get cool pro hair style
  4. bubu u see wat i had to do? :c bak to bornito !
  5. bubu paint is not teh same
  6. bubu we not frends anymoar >:'c
  7. i wuz gun cal bornito but.. actuali i want azebu to show up an gimme my xmas hatted purple kitten fur good! bubu i choose u !
  8. reali bornito wuz on?! bornito i choose you !
  9. ohh nicey an congrats to PIMPly fur bein teh first PRO lv14 castur in US saphire to colect teh hole arena accesorys set PRO
  10. he wans to hav teh last word an i wont let him cuz he a chikn hatur !
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