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  1. New weapon comming soon :blush: ;D
  2. Barcelona will rape Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo will start to cry
  3. Ok Snorlax. Thanks, I'll use an old account than :)
  4. LvL 11-14- I'm #2 52k close to #1 55k
  5. Need answers guys....
  6. Guys why i don't have mobile payment like on other accounts and l have only play store payment? Please help me.
  7. Resilience in arena costumes ;)
  8. Yay :D 2 votes ty loveable and lightr haha
  9. every time when I pvped him he kited...
  10. Xd if kuribooh can't kill me, you will can't
  11. Guys, I wanna apply to join Abc with my lvl 14 rogue Achillesss. It's #1 11-14 and high amps.
  12. MrSeby

    Highest Rogue Crits

    :blush: :bomb: :blush:
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