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  1. What will happen to my damage set and heal set equipment? it will become one set? :facepalm: if yes, all of my effort of getting those item will be useless.
  2. Thank You for this Christmas Event. We level up faster. I level up to Level 19 just in 4 days. :drinks: using Exp Bonus though.. :crazy:
  3. make 50% more miracle coins for this new year !! :D :D :drinks:
  4. do we need to download the new version or it will automatically updates on its own? and please make 50% discount on all item :)
  5. my expectation about minions was like. If we want to have a minion..we need to open a cache that can be bought from minion store at mc shop n ofc as they said it either be normal, enchan or Unique..each of this have their own ability like support or anything else..and the minion will be level 1 n we will level up our minions. and they will get bigger and bigger.. after level up, their attack,hp,mana or others will increase.. it will be fun wathing our minions grow bigger n bigger... and this minion are permanent and can be kill by enemies..then we need to use an item to bring it to life again..something like that.. but this is a huge NO from my expectation Lol.. and i have a question.. 1) where can we get a MINION? because we will summon minion using summoning scroll right? 2) are minion can be hit/attacked by enemies n then die? because if yes then we need to gather or buy summoning scroll again n again right? 3) what is exactly normal,enchan or Unique minion can do???
  6. Sjohny


    Mage is like Melee class..because all the mage skill is for melee...you know.. a mage must be near to the enemy...and that mage chain is only for melee... nothing of a mage skill is range except that fireball... once a mage use teleport, they will get hamstring/gouge/f.o.j/stunned(dk) and mage can do nothing till the skill gone.. i hope that stone shalter can be change to Earthquake.. so its range... + dont you dare to run from a melee when your hp is low because you have no choice but to come near to them :lol: :lol: and i think that Mage n Rogue have the same fate... Mage=Rogue..they are dd classes n can make high damage in short time but cant run from certain classes. Mage cant run from melee classes n rogue cant run from range class. :facepalm: forget about my english... :pardon:
  7. Sun Armour at level 5 add 12% to all magic defence. its good for tanking bosses e.g Cheif,Khaz Maar, Alien.. but you only use Fireball and normal attack.. or if you want... you can use teleport to the boss and use Stone and back again to the safe place and do it again and again like a stupid person till the boss dead :P
  8. i do agree if they move gg cave to the small island located above MC's caravan.. :) :)
  9. they reduced chance of blessing and making trap reload time more faster .. please dont tell me you gonna make ranger more as a melee killer.. xD range class still can attack and use skill when in trap though.. we can blind and fear the ranger while they in blessing... Ranger not OP anymore :D
  10. wahhhhh im so happy :P Finaly!!! world chat channel and guilds..and shaman earthquake no more 5x5 xdxd
  11. I think Bees now has been changed. its now only decrease enemies attack speed, no more Critical.. which mean>>Bees=Earthquake are same now. but earthquake had more damage and can do crit. correct me if im wrong :)
  12. So 20% for +8 > +9? coz i just lost 50 usd dollars this months just for amping my staff +8 to +9. I had use 170+ signs and all fail! so unlucky.. :facepalm: and then i stop... wtf with this game :( amping one staff already take around 50-100 usd dollars.. i was decided to amp another staff too but ... :facepalm: :facepalm:
  13. Im wrong :facepalm: warlock no need to put 2 dark circle. warlock still can stun enemy at the bridge with one circle.. poor elves :wacko:
  14. thanks to Admin.. mc and fb now have 3 bridge and it makes a little difficult for mc either fb to blocked the bridge. the bridge also has became more larger (3 square) which mean the warlock must put 2 Dark circle instead of 1 . Goodjob!! its now balanced.
  15. yeah i agree with you ginis... i do have bladedancer too and also paladin... and i admit this class are easy to defeated at arena . their skill are noob at arena. only good at tanking a boss. while barbarian and deathknight have good skill for tank and arena. i know the feelings, the moment when you spent a lot of money for this game, but lastly you dont get any enjoyment in war..arena etc. while mc are enjoying their skill and their war.. and when theres a war or blocking a bridge..guess who will win and last longer? ofcourse mc.. Yes elves have trap but even if you put 10 trap at 1 place,it remain as 1 trap. while warlock have reallly good controling skill, dark circle. paladin and mage? who want to play this noob classes. only rich people can play this class and kill people easily. this two classes are supposed to be good for war..their skill is good but people dont play this class as they are noob and mage, it is hard to survive, hard to level up and easy to die while in quest, you'll need many pots. agree with sulla, its a cycle. when theres no forsaken and chosen,elves always won in war but not always, with shaman earthquake mc have chance to win but now warlock came, mc became more op :) :) hope next update admin will balance everythings..so ginis dont sell your equipment :( maybe next update its time for elves . If you bored why not you create class at mc side.. while waiting new skill to comes.. its fun here.. xD
  16. Sjohny

    UnderPowered Mage

    yeah you right. Mages always lose vs shaman. Mages must near the enemy to deal high damage. *Fight start>shaman use earthquake>if a mage spam their skill,mage's teleport will failed and yes stone shalters too due to far from shaman>after earthquake shaman use blind>earthquake again>mage die. Even if mages use teleport first and stone shalters,shaman will use blind and earthquake again and again. Though i dont agree with the topic..Mages are already OP. I can beat all classes easily except shaman. All mage's skill are ok but about mage's shield skill..I dont really like. Its useless. Mages is a damage dealer class. Without it,Mage can win too. I wish its a dot skill. I hope in a future update,mages will had Ice skill, like when we use it, our enemy will frozen and stunned or makes the enemy movement slow,or perhaps an earthquake for mages:) it will be deadly . remember mage is a master of element :) :)
  17. I buy all of this at US-Sapphire[FORSAKEN SIDE]. I pay good either with gold or sign. >°°Staff level 13 for warlock/necromancer. >Armour >Belt >Glove >Hood >Boots >2x Rings >Amulet =All of this must have Dark Magic on it. No Moon/Sun/Astral. Pm me in this forum. Thanks. :drinks:
  18. perhaps theres few warlock at sapphire. At emerald , mc can hold fb bridge until 1 hours because too many warlocks and they use DC continously so Mages or whats more other classes cant even moved or use their skill. So mages cant teleport to the middle and use that stone shalters 8) 8) 8) Sapphire need more warlock so they can kick fb's asses easily. :yahoo: without warlock, mc will lose. Thanks to Devs for creating warlock. We really enjoyed. :rofl:
  19. I want on the next update, respawn statue can heal us after we death or when our hp are low..so we just go to the statue for the healing. It will help a lot especially at SA pearl since the server does not have so many players to heal us. :)
  20. I hope too they can move our char to SA. For better hunting time e.g. because mostly people at EU and US are hunting during the midnight at my time which is sleep time for me nd sure its not good.
  21. I won't move to this server, because I already had Druid and Warlock both level 20 on Sapphire. I won't waste another money for leveling up my character.Though you should do this long time ago :facepalm: But if we can move our main character to this server, it will be great. I really want to move to this server, for better hunting coz of simillar time zone.
  22. If your Fear skill is level 5 and you use it to your enemy, you still can attack them eventhough they are still on fearand its not break... you can attack like 2 to 3 hits on them then after that it breaks.. maybe its bug. It should stop the effect when you do attack on them. But yes I do agree that warlock is balanced..but when it comes to blocking elves bridge.. then its not xD.
  23. BEWARE!!! I'm gonna spam signs and crystals to get additional stat bonuses so that i can make my lvl 15 staff SAME STAT like Dooms weapon.. Rich rules the game! BOOM BOOM BOOM!! jokes :wacko:
  24. Sjohny

    How many signs

    If you use one handed sword or dirk, then its easy to amp.
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