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  1. Ok everyone, I completed the first quest to either help the snowman find their heads or give the reindeer food. I did the snowman..and found where the reindeer moss is, but i cant find any new quests..people are getting items when I spent the last hour..quite quickly compared to other classes(im a mage and use telelport as often as it respawns) to travel. I cant do anything else in the snow area but kill goblins and bigfoots...HELP!!please :(
  2. So how does one level 6 use a level 10 bow? unless its +10..then its a lvl 6 bow thats amped to max.
  3. Kuse

    Looking For Group

    Gojin 79/125 Level 5 Priest. EU-Emerald Battle Priest. Sorry forgot name :-P
  4. Here is my idea. Anyone wish to start a group, I can get a simple site for a guild. All levels, we can discuss name, and make the War more interesting. The game will only hopefully better. If not, post your level annd experience(closer points mean quests are near each other.) 79/125 Level 5 Priest EU-Emerald Battle Priest.
  5. [glow=red,2,300]Hello, the new halloween tent event, will that be achievable by new players? Im switching servers, Emerald->Sapphire. Got a battle priest theory, wish to try it. Any new players want a good player(15mage Azurai, Emerald.) Or for later levels, pvp driven...ALWAYS lfg(looking for group) free for all or same quest helping. PM me Asheara, Sapphire server.[/glow] Like waiting for a Diablo patch :facepalm: Good Job WarSpear, good game, bad credit for miracle coins support. Community is so uncaring, high levels talk, like money does too in the good. Cant wait for the future of phones and WarSpear Online! :drinks:
  6. Please hear me out. Ive died over hundreds of times (constant moving) over 20 completed questa dn all i Have to show it one BG ranger 15 boots. the rest are grey items and 3 runes. Please fix this...im dedicated and hard playing. im a 14 mage by the way :P
  7. I am a lvl 14 mage. Still 14 after new class because I was FORCED to solo. no other player would team up. im glad for it, even in swamps i can get any help :-(
  8. Hello, a server reset, clear existing characters, or deem unplayable. Or to save the trouble of that, create a new server. Aimed at a better pvp, pve action. Can make it harder, making it a community server. Just a thought
  9. Kuse


    Hello, Im a lvl14 mage. Azurai. I need help, im equipment weak, but skill strong. I can kite a group as long as I have a healer. Would love a tank, dps, healer group people who are on alot. Im on an LG android. my batterry doesnt last long. Friend me and talk, i currently need Garr Shagg. But damn mc...once Im 20 i will be pvping alot, so add me. Im a great solo'ist once im geared.
  10. Kuse

    UnderPowered Mage

    Hello, Id like to have agreed we have tried and played the Mage. Heres my arguement. Damage dealing, Fireball, stone shatter, time warp. illussionary chains for push and snare, sun armor for all resistances. My dislikes is the delay between skills. fireball has 7, making it decent for damage dealing spell. time warp and stone shatter is both 12. i can understand time warps, but id imagine a smll aeo damage spell to be more frequent. also sun armor, possible slow factor, having able to warp time and summon arcane chains, we can protect the area around us with space. having gotten the best level 9 gear and being 10, i was still underpowered. i am level 13 and some up to date stuff, and i am roughly 1/3 the strength of every character. just poorly balanced for now? but i can understand the hit and run. id imagine such a sneaky char, damage wouod be the key
  11. Kuse

    Mage combo

    pve, chains and teleport help not deal with danger. but who else finds this class, underpowered?
  12. Kuse

    Mage combo

    Lets look at it this way: Azuari lvl13 mage. Sun damage:102 Fireball(5) 247 damage, 13 mana, 7 seconds. Stone Shatter(1) 146. 14 mana, 12 seconds. Illussionary Chains(2) 3-4 second hold, 15 mana, 14 seconds. Time Warp(3) 192. 18 mana, 12 seconds. Sun Armor(1) 4% 20 seconds buff, 30 seconds. 20 mana. Emerald, pm me for groups! Ok here are 3 combos that are seen.use chains when seen fit!!! tw,fb,ss,fb,tw,fb/st. good for starting melee fights, or range characters. to get up close, and deal all spells in this manner once tw is used first. slow delays between skills. fb,ss,tw,fb,ss/tw. good for attacking melee coming to you. tw away and kite. chain when inbetween ss/tw recharge. ss,fb,tw,fb,ss,tw. when caught offguard by rogue, hit first and run later, or go tw first. use chains when necassary, i would after ss, to get fb in to teleport away after. this is a hit and run character :( i would wish for the sun armor to become more useful, possibly add a slowed factor when in range of mage? slows attacks and spells, because if we can warp time, and bind with illussioned chains, our buff should effect space too! pm me if your my level, i could use a partner. i want to see a level 20 mage build, and i love pvp. if it sucks then its a damn shame :( or maybe will change in later update to be more useful ;)
  13. Who all is going to be on the Forsaken world? Lets go ahead and start a group/clan. Any name suggestions? :dirol:
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