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  1. When ever u want u can ban ? Thats some dumb stuff im not sure if support section gonna allow it u ban only if i break the rules not when ever u want u just a mod u dnt have the right to do it at all loud and clear
  2. Second highest defense? This is so funny xD devs them self said when they give warden elf lacks real tank thats why we announce warden, so how they second strongest defence ? The irony here is everyone who claim that is pure mc
  3. What i learn from devs is they never go backwards if they made a change they keep it so save ur ideas for your self we clearly can see that you lost to some bd and cant stand it go practice your class till you master it im sure you can win then
  4. That pvp is before vla get his arena award and new 900 with 1h dmg while ela still with same gears hope u understand now
  5. Bd hard to catch a kitting druid but barb can do it from 7 yards that's the difference
  6. This is just an example barb not even full +10 and also not online and look at his dmg imagine if he was +10 and online with arena awards ? Im sure he will have more than 1300 dmg yet you still crying about bd stop it alrdy and use 2h if u want full dmg gm is doing well he wont give u perma stun + perfect dmg just wow
  7. No need just go eu server mc side and inspect vladeath . P.S Dnt be shocked
  8. Why u compare vla to vava ? Vava has full set reward ofc he get 50% resi im telling you compare vla hit to ela hit which is almost the same go look again son P.S Vava has sap at lvl5 so that's why do more research its not enough
  9. U for real ? They use dmg crystal on mace lets say and fero charm on shield same to bd so they both got 45% fero as a tank
  10. Yah barbs with 26% pene is like 90% of eu barbs and they deal almost the same dmg of bd video about it is at elasiri vs vladeath video go watch it
  11. I guess u know that all eu server barbs have over 26% pene so yah they hit equal to bd with 1h and shield imagine how tough that is Glad u bring vla watch elasiri video vla was damaging him 500 while elasir doing 700 so 200 difference on barb while barb with 1h only so barb dk are broken and you know it
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