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  1. Why!!!!! who would do such a thing :bad: Dont knock it till you try it ;) If u wana hear a nasty food combo, my grandpa would eat peanutbutter an ketchup sandwich :bad: :bad:
  2. Wat did u expect, wat we guys do :pardon: Think its hopzz :tease:
  3. Y would we hate u? :unknw: I voted for u blue :blush:
  4. For those who were wondering, yes tht was thee sexy timeuss in 2 of those pictures, ill be signin things after the show, thank you 8)
  5. Just smile and wave boys act cute an cuddlely, cute an cuddlely O:-)
  6. Evryone knows once infected with this virus it can not be destroyed, same thing happen to SR sever, wats SR sever u ask, my point exactly. All we can do from here is get in the fetal position an hope the process is quick an painless. :cray: :mega_shok:
  7. aww comeon it was gettin good :rofl:
  8. idk if ur doin games but few i like wen wifi down or doin long quest ninja jump- if not careful will be playing for hrs :shok: pewpew- sure ull love after one play ::) Art of war 2 online- if you download let me know ill battle you :drinks: tank hero- found very intresting :clapping:
  9. I say no :facepalm: he gets yes from me :good: ( just my 2 cents :pardon: )
  10. know wat class they should make better ranger :) jkjkjk :rofl:
  11. hes made some many topics :lol: look at gen. ull see :bad:
  12. Only part where im stumped is why just our sever. :lol: did we not meet payment demands :sorry:
  13. O they are a bunch, complete randomness :crazy: cant wait to pvp u with my shamen 8) it will be the battle of all battles, our grandchildren will pass thee story on
  14. an here i thought i was the only one :lol: well some do but then pm me later wen they get mad cause i sent them back to town :blush: ;D
  15. lol I geuss my shamen project got me missin alot :lol: If u see dmarzo say hi for me :rofl:
  16. :lol: I never seen u past nadir, surprised ur on there :rofl:
  17. True words spoken :cray:
  18. would give me a chance to kick thee asses of the noob rangers i see ganking maybe teach em the rite :give_rose: plez atleast consider
  19. :lol: k from town four go down one space an to the right one space an if you havent been in the building that is there, there should be quests (space meaning diffrent area) and if not there, from town go down a space an to the left 2 spaces then up a space should be building there also with some quests, (the amount of spaces may be wrong but should push u in right way gl questin) :blush:
  20. I noticed i was getting ganked less in pvp cave ;D welcome back wen u come back :clapping:
  21. idk at one point i found tyler to be lil better than flu an dare i say manley :spiteful:
  22. Dam dude well gl hope you handle yo shit good :sorry: :good: , and you better talk to you know who, cause asked me where you were, an wants you to text :friends:
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