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  1. U people went eye again without me :(
  2. Corret me if im wrong here but, Born killed ckq outside of nadir an now hero is gankin born inside of pvp cave because of it... :facepalm:
  3. I say no for ckq, but if u want to add legion go ahead, (wana no y I say no ask me)
  4. Get yes from me :good: Also weezart (spelled wrong) would like to join, he checks out to me
  5. This guy knows how to party :yahoo: ILL HAVE WAT HES HAVEIN ;D
  6. Me an komp beat team of kern an iluvweed 3x :rofl: An saffo an whistle(some mage) 1/1 :rofl:
  7. He lvl 20 now, Update on champz phone broke :cray:
  8. timeuss


    if your lookin to make an easy op char shamen, warlock, an ranger the way ;)
  9. timeuss


    Well said Well said :good:
  10. :shok: :shok: :shok: awesome idea an could use the reward to get true clan members the clan costume or build a shrine to me :blush: jk
  11. Add Mrsxlove lvl 17 an Grover lvl 20 colorful
  12. I wanted to spend money but havent at all, yet. :bad: people find that hard to believe :lol:
  13. :facepalm: dam it i wanted to give my unused items to someone. well geuss ill just farm for em :) ty for info :good:
  14. who are these people :rofl: gawd we need a dam meet an greet :drinks: I may or may not be able to go. Timeuss got grounded :blush: but i have friend from school i may let him just use my ranger ::)
  15. worst early christmas gift ever :cray:
  16. once u unbind after the first time how much is it after :unknw:
  17. cat check ur messages!!!!!
  18. Arent u already in the clan ;)
  19. She was saying thingx was a hacker read it again :wacko: :crazy:
  20. Why,the fuk u bringin her into this she has nothing to with ur shit >:D
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