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  1. Thanks mate and .. i loved ur picture .. it made me lol xD
  2. Its a reference to the guild leader profile message xD"The bond between two people is true power" -Akemichi®.
  3. Imknow it .. only noobs do it .. noob stealers without criativity :D
  4. emm , tell me , ,,, how do u go from irselnort to swamps or other island :?? when u dont have teleport scroll.. xdddddddddddddddddddddd
  5. wait... Pirate ? :shok: :shok: :shok: are u mad bro ????? Thank you very much for your comment mate :friends:
  6. Best of luck to u ,,, can u plz commenct my guild emblem plz :( http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=81140.0
  7. well idk D: Jk ,,, simply click on the Nuke (like) icon and type ,, or u can add [ spoiler ] without spaces to the start of the text
  8. "Kaizen,Join with the best , or die like the rest" Well, I'll write a bit about the emblem. The Kaizen guild leader is Akemichi. Eu-Emerald server The shield represents our power and strength, the skull represents tha equality between us, that we all equal on the inside, and the blood are from our enemies hahaheheh .. and that's it,,, hope you enjoyed! :give_rose: Made with photoshop cs4 .
  9. Just downloaded a bunch of image renders and images and brushes for ps 8) Started working on it :D
  10. Nice idea ,,, it wud also be good if we could slash tha roots and if elfs-chosen could jump over the dark circle .... xDDDD
  11. Yea bro im installing photoshop now.... wish me some luck xD
  12. i cant loginnnn duckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  13. Hey can u help me i cant connect to game lololol is the servers down?:s thx
  14. Hey yall., i cant connect to game now it saying Could not connect to server,, does it means the game is updating?or is it just down?or no? Answer fast plz
  15. hi all. my suggestion is to make trade betweeen humans and elfs.. we need it cuz many elfs have mc drop and mcs have sun.. elf drop Please make it possible Thanks
  16. Phoneguy


    When we will have trade betwen factions? Mcs/forsaken and Fbs/chosen
  17. Im retire from this clan ok crossfit ;)
  18. Update gonna be ... Wait.. They're too busy spending your money 8)
  19. Hi all ... Idk why ppl want money for help , im sure they mite need help sometime and,, they wont want to pay for it though... :fool:
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