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  1. Cazaringy... Caza and springy + gaysex = cazaringy?
  2. So, with your logic... You suck at arena, and one other legends member sucks at arena, the guild must have told all members to suck at arena :shok: Omfg, why legends you want to suck at arena?
  3. Lol seems like someone has his buttplug too deep in his ass... AKA the man who cries like a lil ♥♥♥♥♥
  4. Why was hitler a great man? - he killed hitler Why was hitler bad man? - he killed the guy who killed hitler
  5. Warning! K-16 content ;D 1. So, once upon a time. African man, American man and a Finnish man decided to have a competition. They decided to compete which one of the men could make their wives shout longest during sex. Well, the american man started and made love to his wife for half an hour, the woman screamed the whole time. Next was the African mans turn and he made love to his wife for whole two hours, his wife shouted the whole time again. When came the turn of Finnish man, he made love to her wife for fifteen minutes, wiped his cock to marimekko's curtains and went to a bar. Wife shouted for two whole weeks ;D 2. A naked man was looking at himself in a mirror and says to his wife : here you see 100kg of pure dynamite - man : isn't it dangerious when theres so short fuse? - wife 3. What a nerd does when he sees a beautiful woman? - saves the photo
  6. That you are a virgin isn't any weird at all :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: better spend money to take girl on a date than amp full +10 maybe? ;D
  7. Fourh or something like that (cazas druid)If i remember correct :blush:
  8. To costume is cool but i think its not allowed to add tv-show or movie characters(?)
  9. Costume is cool :good: But extra stats not cool :(
  10. Hmm both u profundo? Is 2 forum accs allowed + 2 contest entry? ;D
  11. Look alot like elgard characters.... Hmmmm... Coincidence?
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