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  1. Yeah when I tested 15% cd and 20% cd, the 15% cd you would do banner burst then fetters 2 more times before using banner again.And 20% cd you do a banner burst and you do 1 fetters before you get banner back and as you get the banner back your fetters is all ready too.So, I conclude that 6% cd is much more damage just because your banners activate more often
  2. Hello Everyone,Today ill be talking about the stats Piercing Attack and Stun stats mainly for the arena gear.So I have seen many pvp players especially Paladins put peircing attack stat on thier helmet and stun stat on thier boots.Why use those stats when you can replace them with anything else, they dont even activate much so why not replace them with mana increase and cd.Mana increase(34 points) replacing the piercing attack(34 points).And Cd (6%) replacing the stun stat (3%).This will then let the helmet being free to get an accuracy stat (4%).Im replacing the piercing attack because not on
  3. Literally doesnt give you any more authority over me.
  4. I assume this is sarcasm and if it is then you basically said you didnt see gladiator or anyone else give logical points.Lose lose situation bud
  5. With that logic your opinion doesnt matter.People in wc I talked to are actually experienced in game and you say they dont matter?
  6. Also this shows why you dont want the banner self-castable, just because your selfish persona wants banner to be buffed instead of shield doesnt mean it has to be “nerfed to the ground”
  7. I mained pala for about 4 years and i never said that it wasent powerful, when have i ever said its not powerful. I didnt go around asking people, me and few other palas were talking about this topic in wc and the non pala players agreed with us too.
  8. So far ive seen the people that agree that the shield should be self-castable have provided much more logical points than those that disagree.
  9. I dont see any people exept you saying other wise about this topic.Most people on this page agree that the shield should be self castable, and it is pretty damn popular.Ive been talking about it in game (not on forum) and a few people agree that the shield should be castable on self and they arent even paladins. But answer the question. Why not? You and the other people that dont play paladin are the only ones that think the pala shield is super strong.But if you actually get to play paladin you will quickly realise its not as powerful as it seems. Maybe because y
  10. For those of you who say the game is focused on team play not 1v1 (Just a refresher)
  11. Haha with that everyone agreed, but yeah either buff all pala weak/useless skills or make shield castable on your self.
  12. I totally agree because in arena it was me and bd full arena +9 vs Shaman and Necro both +8 +9 but not full arena, and once I casted shield on us the necro and shaman took it off the bd 3-4 second and I couldn’t even touch them before shield got taken off because one stun from them lasted more than my shield 🥶.
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