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  1. Haha it's funny when people say a class is useless when no class is ever useless. It's so funny watching people exaggerate and already saying a class is useless when you haven't even tested it out yet 😂.
  2. Dont know how long but they will be added im sure. Just the beginner islands for now.
  3. Yes, but im sure that will change as time goes by.2 more classes will be introduced.
  4. Yeah whatever glitch you talking about never happened to me.
  5. Just get your self the latest and greatest Android and the game will be silky smooth.
  6. Well there could be easily no gabs...if you watch closely when he had gaps it was when he didn't even use repellant strike,which is an additional couple of seconds of stuns which will make your other 2 stuns be ready to be used.
  7. Thank you,I will try this out.
  8. Hey! I was gonna put that too nub!
  9. It does work on pvp trust me I have a friend doing this to bds and they hate it. So I've concluded this is the setup.I will not get more than 150 mana because technically useless if you have 90 mana regen. http://wsdb.xyz/calc/en/93535
  10. So my friend Sage decided to start making new pvp gear and it was forcused on max cd (Cool down) so all your skills would cool down super fast.I personally think it is really smart choice,because... I believe this gear set up is even better than arena gear and probebly as good as greatness gear but for a really cheap cost.(Still pretty expensive but alot cheaper than greatness gears) http://wsdb.xyz/calc/en/93440 I believe these gears are super good in pvp as this will permanently stun any class and will give you time to do anything you want.And by that I me
  11. Haha same,but I believe for a paladin with arena gear you cant get over 40% crit and same goes with greatness gear 😓😢.But you will have alot of ferocity,resilience,mana and mana regen.
  12. Also you weren't +10 equipment while most of his equipment was.And I have another question...for arena gear do I go for crit,penetration, or accuracy? I have 31% crit,18% penetration and 15% accuracy I believe.
  13. Yes but idk about the sacred shield,it is kind of weak because it just takes in pure damage and doesn't count your def.If I'm talking about the right shield.Btw how much health does Paladins prayer 4/4 heal you when your about 6.1k health?
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