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  1. nO they nt mine neromage nd spaceman both are justins aCC nd gay :rofl:
  2. lol im nt put fake pic as many do :D :bad:
  3. :clapping: im nOt newbee again on froum :rofl:
  4. im cutie,hottie,sexie asian dude
  5. no gay,shemale just real girls pm here and let us knw them also put ur bf name if u got :D
  6. bloodordzz


    when im able nd free i enjoy crossing elves cara hahaha with shaman that nt calling nub bt sum crosserz pissing me off they cros 2v1 shame shame shame
  7. why there is nt top sexiest player all woul vote me 8) muahaha
  8. shyboy rapes u thats why u always in party xD
  9. demo ugliest just ugly playerZ love that ugly costum lol
  10. ranger : mikoshamet bd : bloodlord druid : secret bt mine best prist : secret bt mine best paladin : again mine best mage : didnt make yet mc rogue : bloodlordz dk : odjur shaman : malexloka shyboy nd secret x2 warlock : x2 secret necro : .... barb : supermeman uff it boring write al them
  11. bloodordzz

    pvp cave

    i never jumped anyone :D ofc in pvp cave
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