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  1. Hunter's controlling effects are very effective as it is.. I wouldn't use a trap co'z its useless on my shitty net.. Before the trap sets up.. Im dead.. The way I look at it.. Its better to use fear, silence and stun..
  2. Bro, don't let this offend you but both you and your dk friend suck at building.. I mean it's written all over the skills.. Both dk and charmer are build as hybrid pdmg and mdmg.. Lets go to dk 1st.. We have exhalation of darkness which is a very good skill that lets you attack twice with magic and with rampage relic alloeing it to do 100% crit on both attacks when enemies hp is 30% below.. My dk(ihackdk) use +4 1hmace making a dmg 400(x2 800) per attack and 900+(xw 1800+) on crit.. My dcall cause 500+ dmg at max 4/4.. With stun mace, shield and boots all my attacks do stuns.. Players dont know this but mdmg almost do pure dmg cause no one uses mdef.. Noob dk will use pure pdmg and vamp just so he can solo a boss which is good but not design for the class.. I also use a lvl 20 charmer(dcbeastboy) but not too much.. Basically charmers build it as a support and none blames them for that.. But for me its better to utilize the dogs and the new expert, making a hybrid pdmg and mdmg which can heal and pdmg at the same time.. The new set gives good addition on both ends, making the charmer half tanky(tank set) and half with crit(mage set).. Also charmer won't suffer much from the mp usage cause activating both set because charmer can have pure mp regen on accessories and has the ability to steal some mp from enemies.. If I were to get serious with my charmer I would build it with 5 heal 5 dog 3 weaken experts 4 bird 4 def buff and 4 on the new skill.. Leaving other basic and experts at level 1.. On mace , shield and armor Ill put some rage to add some wreck havoc on the area.. Think of it like this, you build with the class you pick.. Not because it has 1 good skill at hand then build it specifically for that 1 skill..
  3. Then you and your party just lacks braincells.. Ask higgings here, I dont have any pvp equips neither my equips aren't maxed amp.. The highest is +7 shitty xbow from sea and +5 on sets and accessories.. But how come I can kill a full maxed amped pvp equipped players? You can't kill the bd and he has party.. Then kill all the party members first before your party confronts it.. Proper breathing makes the brain work, you should try.. Call a lock.. Dont need any dispell if warden cant move..
  4. Why all this drama? Warspear isn't created to make 1 class takes all.. It's a game where teamplay kicks in.. You can't take on a bd? Then let a rogue kill it, rogue can't tank all the players thats where the dk and barb enters.. Tanks can't chase running opponents? Hunters are here.. Need some buffs, heal and revives? Shaman, necro and charmers will back you up.. IDK, why most of the players picks a class that can outclass almost everyclass.. To make game easy, to make themselves wealthy or what(and this might be the reason alliance side is overpopulated now).. But for me, it's a game for making friends.. I play as a hunter so as much as possible to help the party I maxed out the stuns, put on some Castle Relics and try not to get in the way of my party.. My job is to snipe out the enemies, stun and assist the healers.. That is how my character is designed and that is how I play.. No need to cry if a bd has too much resist or a mage can jump and nuke me.. My party would defend me.. That is how you should all play and not playing by yourself.. 1 party of lvl20 could take down a lvl32 player if you get what I mean..
  5. Combat stance broken.. 5 energy per 2 sec but if Relic of Energy Stability is used.. It should be atleast 2.5 per 2 sec.. Please fix..
  6. Great Relic of Energy Stability isn't working with the new energy usage of combat stance.. At 5/5 The energy needed to maintain the skill is 5 per 2 sec.. When Relic is used it should be 2.5 per 2 sec..
  7. Hunter's new skill is cool but fail.. It says the duration of the skill raises as it level up but it stays 8sec in 4/4.. Pls fix it.. Ranger is Op now with the additional trap and making their buff +40% dmg.. Pala sucks as 2h dmg now as for their fetters silent effect was removed.. Dk's buff needs more duration and bds are freakin OP.. Please take a while to rethink about everything before releasing the update.. Balancing the game is really needed..
  8. Yes.. Minion dont attack and cannot be attack while user ain't attacking.. Even if the user receive damage from mobs, the minion won't attack and gets attack.. I just look at the chat for all the gz I read and found that one player gets 2 drops from a normal dg not event.. Then when I closed my chat guild buff was activated, that's where I noticed my summon wasn't there anymore..
  9. I didn't quite know what goes first, someone in eu-emerald mc got 2 drops in dg I think termitery and my guild activates gladiator guild skill then all of a sudden I notice my 4h Ice Queen Minion disappear without any reason.. I didn't die, went to pvp or anything.. It just disappear.. Btw.. In farming in ayvo..
  10. I just used a 4h Ice Queen Minion now.. 5mins later, the minion disappear at no reason at all..
  11. Vicstone

    Stats bug

    Yep, thats the thing.. I should crit atleast once or twice every 3 shots.. I last experience that 3days ago, after that I noticed I dont crit as much as before.. I crit once every 5 to 7 shots, when event starts 6 to 8.. If only CS relics work while it is activated and crit rate would atleast be higher than 50%, it wont matter much.. If you say it is based on luck, then why put too much limit to hunters? No offense..
  12. Vicstone

    Stats bug

    Worst crit chance when event starts.. I think drop rate affects stats..
  13. Vicstone

    Stats bug

    I got a problem with my crit. Before the spring event it works fine. I got 46.7% crit so 1-2 hits out of 3 hits chance to do crit. But ever since the spring event started the chances lowered and dropped more like 15%. I crit 1hit per 5 to 7 hits. Please fix this. Combat Stance's Icy Relic of Rampage is unreliable for us hunters so I tried to come up with a crit build that would atleast give me an edge to other OP class. Thanks.
  14. It will be OP for us Hunters? But for other users of the relic that is naturally OP like rogue, bd, pala etc. it's fair? I'm sorry for thinking it's a bug because I was really excited at the relic yesterday but was really disappointed because it didn't work like I wanted too. But sir, please reconsider what I'm asking. Only a handful of hunter's play the class now. Others just try the class but as they see the flaws of the hunters. They quickly change to a powerful class like rogue, barb or dk. Hunters cannot spam skills like rogue where you can put multiple Agility crystals because all skills have long durations. If we pushed and use cd crystals, energy regeneration, speed and accuracy will fall at the cost of a very small cooldown. Hunters doesn't have any hide skills like seeker which makes us very vulnerable. Although we were created same function like seekers that relies on auto attacks. Seekers have hide and guard that makes them survive longer. Hunter's are only good for pve, every class outclassed us but still I love my hunter. The relic is just for 10 sec. and we could only focus at small amount of rage via weapon because if we try and put a crystal on the armor it would slow us a little. Please reconsider sir. It's not OP. I know you play the game and you can notice the numbers of hunters. Please do something about this. Thank you.
  15. I tried it sir and it works. The thing here sir is, it should be automatic when rage kicks in. A hunter only relies on CS to get strong. We are nobody without CS. If we wait until rage activates before we activate CS together with the relic. Then its all over for us hunters in pvp and pve. I hope Aigrind reconsider the activation of the relic for us hunters and also for seekers. Thanks again sir. Happy New Year.
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