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  1. And this? Spirit on..and no time ! Stamina down..:/ 3 times this!
  2. dude,I said sins 5 years HE is like that...not I play sins 5 years...Anyway . have a good day you too.
  3. I remember when I used to play warspear...Traded or transferred with Johan(Wolfsy) millions gold,hundreds of signs(or even +1000)...rare items..Not even 1 sec I wasn't afraid to do this . Because he is The most trustable player that I know ever.(not saying he is the only one).He is sins 5 years like that,he have a reputation,honor and much more...And I am sure he will be like that forever. You shouldn't care about that "jelly" frustrated kid,Johan...We know who he is...and why he'sdoing this. Kiss you from Paris.:) :give_rose:
  4. Congratulations to all of you who worked hard. Keep going Legends....Kiss you all.
  5. I'd not me...u saw a post on Facebook...so from there is that ss..don't know those ppl..
  6. Hello there...Just wanna replay to your post..I can say too about you,or Bia,or anyone "you are a scammer"..Is EASY . I don't play sins long time ago,but I know Egis very well . Never,but NEVER,Egis did something like that in 1 or 2 years when I played . if he did it now(see?I don't blame you..:)..)please feel free to post a ss or a proven Maybe is not the real owner or... But,again..is easy to say "that one is a scammer"..just because you don't like him or you had some fights with.. Thanks. kiss you Bia.:))
  7. Typical old trick" full bag"...
  8. pathetically and idiot :facepalm:
  9. Tell me when you ready..and start to count that 80%..vs real Legends,not recruits.!Have a nice day.
  10. You look irritated ..Why you insult 30 ppl?Ah..i forgot.Is...you,typical .
  11. Congratz for moderator function:)
  12. Trade GT vestments in mc side for GtV in elf side.In mc side i have it +1 full enchanted. EU Emerald.Chrystall ranger/Mechry shaman
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