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  1. But my question is that do developers really read our (international English forum) suggestions or we are just wasting time here ?
  2. Please suggest passive skills..there are already many mana-consuming skills available for seeker
  3. Lashabi

    Priest's skills

    Negative effects - damage reduction, defence reduction, overtime damage like bleeding,curse like silence etc get repealed by this skill however stuns not.
  4. Lashabi

    Seeker Guide 9.0

    Awesome work my friend...this is the best detailed guide I have ever seen in this forum
  5. Happy birthday dear 🎂 wish you many many happy returns of the day.. stay blessed
  6. Well , devs did splendid work including the music is pretty cool
  7. You are watching at lv 28 dg perspective..what if a player is lv 20? The next dg to him/her will be lv24.....same case for lower lvl dgs and lv 24 too. For me spring dg ( for this quest-based event this year only) player level limit should be as it is existing in other normal dungeons
  8. Hope devs will change something about level capping of dungeons, because everyone will do quests now and if they level up they have to run dungeon +3 lvl above them which may create problem
  9. Add more videos bro.. there videos full of mages in the whole YouTube #LoveSeekers
  10. Post it on Russian forum...they are active there
  11. When is the preview of spring event coming?
  12. You could have written all of your comments in a single para 🤣
  13. All English server is dying (idk about Russian server)... Only high level players who are at 28 or higher are available but also decreasing...that's the reality
  14. Or please make sure what is control and stun in-game before commenting 🙂 the only thing you can CONTROL is your character.
  15. Have u ever played this game before?
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