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  1. A special gift for pvprange that said hes good :tease:
  2. pvprange bought revenge part from me and told me now hes gonna own me with what i sold to him :cray: look at his poor attitude. take a good view on our DEAR PVPRANGE he cant stand the jokes and he ingored me :bad: for those player who loves him buy a bunch of ticket give him a welcome gift in arena hes in lv19-20 :blush:
  3. that the word everyone looking forward. we will be looking forward and waiting once again.
  4. that is something good to know.
  5. ty for the advise crossfit i learnt from mistake.
  6. yes and i had no respond from support team, for 5day now.
  7. that is what happened to me. all 3 char of mine is deleted and no respond from anyone, with all the evident we provided as much as we could.
  8. i lost my account exactly on the date i made my post, i sent a support ticket provided what u needed. Accurate date 22September2012 21.00 something i sent a support ticket 2hour ago before i made a post in forum. I'm totally speechless got no clue u would ask me WHEN did i sent a support ticket i thought support team is always active on responding ticket. no offense but the question u just ask made me thought of support team din't even take a look on the support ticket i had sent.
  9. admin for your information, Lordbloody account and Slamface account is seprate account. The email address infos leaked our through facebook/forum is slamface / lordybarb / lordyshop email address account has nothing to done with my archer lordbloody. Dissapointed, i see nothing positive so far.
  10. Allow me introduce myself, i'm Lordbloody. archers is majoring dps*damage per sec* dealer in that case we had to change target hit fast hit hard and etc. that all archers been doing. for my opinion, Crossbow, is heavy yeh. in some situation cbow is very usefull example *daily to save up durabilities w huge damage / farm while u are tanking w/o changing target* is wise to use crossbow but in pvps arena and farms we had to do alot of targetting that is cbow weakness huge dmg but godamn slowing our move down, i barely kite with cbow in arena and sort of like wasting time cause way to slow. Bow, pretty light and quick one, bow been doing lower dmg than cbow around 10-12% lower dmg, but in farms mostly archer had to take adds 80% on whole lab farms archer taking add is a wise position, taking add needed to change target alot cause we had to kill adds in the farming spot/area and for pvps and arena im using bow i can wield my trap while walking 90% work cause i can skip the animation w bow cause its faster than cbow trapping and ss*scatter shot* worked well. we dun have to talk about stats because gear can fix any sets of stat we wanted as long as we get comfortable w the sets effect bow is archer life yes, but gear is supporting alot of all kind situation. that all i got and i hope it helping u out.
  11. For Admins. Trading account abused the rules on warspear online game yes, however im willing to get any incoming from dev because i accepted the fact that i'm trying to sell my account off due to personal issue. If admin are doing investigation u should had check my ip jaw tooked that ss in 18th september 2012 tuesday. i had almost 2-3days inactive sort of login ingame for couple min and left the game. Everytime i logged it has always been me the origin owner. for my hacked chars name Slamface, Lordybarb and Lordyshop was been deleted ain't belonged to someone with unknown ip. i'm looking forward on admins ip tracker for the account which made up an issues. the point im trying to get here is, there is a playing whom trying to sell his account why would he deleting his own characther? and why is the ip is belong to a player name jaw? and ending up i came back to game and go on playing that is when my account get hacked i still logged my account gaming as usual till i get hacked. fyi by 21th september im fully back to game logged my char been on for almost 7-10hours perday all my char had equally played on that date onward. i'm willing to accept any punishment for abusing the game rules BUT as long as admin action is doing fairly judged. ME myself is trying to sell my char Jaw he himself deleted my char 3 of them in one of my account that what im trying to point on it. i confess im trying to sell my char and i change my mind after 3day i do no transaction to anyone in 3days after what i had said in trade chat which u can see what jaw posted. For jaw, u had everything ready under ur sleeves well did, but im not getting checkmate yet because the decision is not on our hands. what done is done u wont get away from what u had did. what u did ain't scaring anyone but be proud on what u hacked while u still can. i do nothing dirty in game just abuse one of the rules and i'm down to take anything from admins as they decided what they gonna do, and in the same time im looking forward to admin what they gonna do on proof i had brought up. it was my stupidity choosing leave warspear online because of personal issue with selling my account to someone, truth i din't take any action on selling purpose till 3day passed and i decided to come back.
  12. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=71749.0 i made a wrong place for topic i guess i should had replace it to support part.
  13. one of my account password was changed w/o my knowledge the char in the account is, Lordyshop Slamface Lordybarb for now its officially gone this account is not in my hand atm, i sent a ticket to getting back my chars and my account. if anyone get private message from those char its wasn't me. thank you for reading this information. hopefully i'm getting back my account.
  14. Name Lordbloody Class Archer Level 20 i wonder what the price was lmfao
  15. ROFL that pinky seems buffed something on green beast :D
  16. Interesting elfos i dint know im a topic for elfs too :drinks: fight to dead is what im gonna do funfun These photo are amazed me cause OP populated woulda be a problem but fags lives n they survived cause they cant show their true face toward their enemy :shok:
  17. that interesting they'll be topics after all stealing bosses :wacko:
  18. Older player thought were version 1.0 has 10 person in one party BUT NOWDAYS maxed party is only 12345 = 5 person :bad: theres no second party existance as well :dirol:
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