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  1. i dont understand what does memes aren't allowed? Does it means posting others pictures?
  2. Really nice edition ;D
  3. katerine

    Chainless solo

    it is not easy to do chainless quest in other servers too.I tried like 20 times to kill lake and sea in Eu.But i never give up.Try to do when there are less farmers and best time is midnight or morning for east time.idk about your local time.Try to fix time when players are asleep.
  4. Like This?kind of encouraging and spirit alive. xD
  5. 7th,Feb Thurs SENTINELS Danair,Nadir-Sard.
  6. Sentinels, Raynos Misty Shelter Legions, Graybeard Shaman Road.
  7. yes you are right.Thanks for pointing out it.
  8. Today's relics sentinels at Kamp-riff,Sorsha.
  9. Hello Friends,topic for Daily Relics Location for Sapphire.If you knows you can share. LEGIONS: Mountain clan/ Forsaken Hock'ap - Armor Cliff Tavern Ingolv - Leeward Island Kald - Salt Hill Vistain - Bandit Ridge Old Arr-Vok - Lowland Of Sorrow Elder Beyn - Fishermen Village Hyarvard - Bitter Ash Island Gamriz - Nadir-Sard Tavern Graybeard - Berengar's Stronghold Gordir - Berengar's Stronghold SENTINELS: Firstborn/ Chosen Main Worker - Good Fame Island Chris - Nornakon Center Raynos - Misty Shelter Gamark - Skuas Village Noola - Somarra Village
  10. Thanks alot.This topic was epic helpful when i played Emerald.
  11. Do all severs have one same relics location or it is different? :pleasantry:
  12. Did you just call her mokey and wrote on your forum status because she is from asia.Listen up who ever you are.Stop being racism.And what you think yourself call more beautiful than her.All i see is you and your friends bullying and creating racism.If you racism us don't forget this game is full of Asian people and you calling them monkeys indirectly. Your pictures look a girl with well manner and mature.But after seing those harsh racial comments i don't think so.
  13. Awkward. No one did really help rather than chat in town. :sorry:
  14. Needs help with Genie tonight :sorry: Anyone who needing gennie quest pm me.
  15. :wacko: Goodbye serpents and Avenger. We dont ve to run from them during power of avenger quests.
  16. Lets make party and do it. Fix the time please.
  17. Hey there fellas,lets do Berengar shadows today. Add me or Pm we could do it easy if more. Thank you.
  18. yep cc quests like Burning Chrirstmas tree,Avenger stela are easy for Rogue. My rogue can do all cc quests. But my Druid can't.cos Rogue skill stealth is advantage in it.
  19. Funny :lol: Elves can't be trusted forsure. LOL ;D
  20. :yahoo: cool. Please tell me application name i want to make dress for my druid. Hehehe
  21. my liltle kakak i leave sapphire becos no one did help people from other countries.But in emerald it is not like that.Morever many asians here.Trust me.u should joining here.I am sorry that i could not help you in chainless.neither my ranger has finished chainless.No bad feelings. Anyway are you joining me?
  22. :yahoo: Kakak i liked ur story. i want you to you to win.I wan to joining to. I miss sapphire i wish i was in your story as killing archeress killing you during chainless.. :lol: :lol:
  23. Spanish best cross-runner!! Perhaps his connection is good in pc..
  24. Sad,all my points are gone.I was hopin to buy level 15 stave.It seems like i did buy those tickets for nothing. And about Farming or doing quest at N swamps its nt mean for low levels they get either killed by monsters or by some pathetic players..
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