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  1. Sheer luck. It needs heavy rework to be easier for people
  2. Same here. The drop system does need to be updated but I would like to know how it works
  3. Warspear Online support would likely be able to help. If that doesn't them you should check for other devices you probably used before
  4. Competition is excellent for business strictly speaking. But it's important to ensure that both sides are roughly equal. Look at E-Sports as everyone is equally skilled, though some more so than others. When you have something as open as Warspears arena some excel more than others. If you have a rogue who has been playing for years vs a max level but new seeker it will be clear who will win
  5. Can't wait until he does DeathKnight
  6. That's s would be nice! Though I do think it should be separated in "base", "Expert", and "Classless"
  7. This is excellent for quality of life update! This would also be very useful
  8. I only spend money on event chests. You don't necessarily have to but much of this is true. If you plan on being +10 geared fast leveling warmachine or easy arena gear does need some money. Everyone needs to spend some time to grind some gold. Months? Sure but years? No.
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