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  1. No just to encourage people to join the Legion so we can get more players
  2. Have you even been in the Legion? It's heavily outnumbered and the Sentinels are op and has way too many people
  3. I don't like the price for many items I can barely do any cc quests because I need to work on rep for dark elves
  4. If I got rewards for something I already try to do I'd be happy
  5. I agree but we need population control on sentinels
  6. I don't want warspear to die
  7. Well flying mounts really wouldn't be able to be used but mounts like horses and spiders could. Elephant like mounts having a aoe attack. Rhinos and horses charging, damaging everyone in its way? Awsome
  8. I actually agree.. the sentinels in U.S sapphire has alot of people and the Legion has too little people.. the battle for territory only took 3 minutes
  9. That sounds fun but why can't it be a alternative to norlant? And a lower level thing but everyone can go
  10. Paladin can actually beat DeathKnight ik because I always get beat by paladin's
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