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  1. The last part I 100% agree with. In my opinion every class should take hits with each other. Of course tanks should take more, others less so. Dmg classes should take more damage than support and dmg casters. It's all about their class and setup. An Abrams tank will take more than a Volkswagen beetle.
  2. I have thought of something like "class buffs" that's similar but only affects the classes such as "DeathKnights has more defense lower his health" and Similar
  3. This is true. Only thing that they can do is to remove dogs resilience
  4. We have rogues and hunters but not much else really unless you count dmg dk builds Sorry bro it's likely to happen. I do agree that summons and mobs having PvP stats will likely be too much so I do agree that they should remove it from the wolves
  5. They wouldn't do it like that. It would be for all levels because they would want it to be fair to that specific alliance. Plus why add something new to a low level area? They want to make money so getting people to higher level areas encourages people with little patience and time to spend money
  6. There doesn't need to be any raid bosses at Map 1 for anyone as higher level guilds and players would farm it just like now and during events
  7. Hell there are sound effects for free on many websites that's royalty free and available for everyone
  8. This is funny and quite understandable
  9. The events like raid bosses are intended to encourage you to level up as most events are. Sincerely Drakoslayd, TheForlorn
  10. I do agree. In my opinion arrows should sound like a bow or crossbow with the projectile sounding like it should hit say a watermelon. Swords should have a different sound than say axes or maces. It's not hard to get these sounds tbh
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