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  1. My guild (TheForlorn) is a world wide guild although we only exist in US Sapphire. But you can join any guild you find
  2. Some people also sell the items required in the second hand dealer but they may be overpriced because people are greedy
  3. There is a US sapphire server but I don't know about a EU Emerald one
  4. Great damage. Stuns can be resisted if enemy wears full christmas gear but overall awsome
  5. I haven't been able to farm nor buy anything from this event but I have been saving chests from event
  6. Yea I don't see Resident Evil or Attack on Titan. But I do see Overlord (anime not movie) or Seven Deadly Sins
  7. I actually agree. The only things I paid for was really some event chests for guild members (and some for myself) but really it's really a long term f2w game. Many people just p2w for immediate satisfaction. I took nearly 2 years just to get to level 30 but that's because I slacked off for a while. I personally feel Warspear is a great game but the developers doesn't listen to us at all
  8. I think it means actual tickets and not free tickets
  9. I'm a level 30 DeathKnight and I can't clear the dg if there is the Bookcase room
  10. I can garentee not. They have too many high level players
  11. Ok? It's like this in every other server and no one can do anything about it
  12. Big events like this is meant for players level 5+. I would recommend to start on them atleast at level 10 and higher. Getting help on in event quests is kinda unnecessary due to the event minion
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