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  1. I do the same dg and I always die to the RingMaster
  2. I'm a DK (lvl 18) and I also have the same issue, my advice: stay near a corner and move around the corner and use minions and potions
  3. Tim Burton art style. Nice
  4. Similar to TankLore's new Expert skills for level 30+ I decided to do new skills for level 13 players. I'm only doing one skill each. So this is my ideas Forsaken DeathKnight Black Javelin: deals increased damage similar to Thorn of Darkness but if a enemy dies a weak skeleton will appear Necromancer Skeletal horde: a group of 3x3 skeletons appear at the area the Necromancer chooses, each of them wears poorly kept armor and a sword and shield, but don't under estimate them. The skeletons remains around the same level as the Necromancer Warlock Petrification: A Target the Warlock chooses gets turned to stone (cannot move, attack, or use skills or potions) Charmer Aid of Freaky-Stone: summons a Freaky-Stone to tank for the charmer (Freaky-Stone was a abomination created on Morkatar) Mountain Clans Barbarian War horn: calls for aid from a nearby clans man (Barbarian with 2 handed Axe) Shaman Hurricane: The shaman calls the spirits to call a Hurricane to attack enemies nearby (similar to Pool of Darkness) Rogue Dirty tricks: the Rogue throws dirt in their enemies eyes, blinding them Hunter War Bear: calls a tanky armored bear to defend the Hunter I don't know how the Sentinel classes play so I will ask players to make the Sentinel novice skills
  5. Hello! I was thinking about how costumes are quite rare and very expensive. So why not add guild costumes that guild leaders can design for their members? One example is that more "plain" costumes can be for newbies while more "ordnate" costumes can be for heirs and guild leader. The guild leader can set the color and design any time
  6. The server (as you said) is meant for U.S. players and I live in eastern U.S. and it happens often about 9pm or rarely 6pm
  7. I'm here. I have been playing since Secrets of Arinar update but by multiple accounts because of stuff like forgetting passwords and at one time, being hacked
  8. I like the idea but it would really be in all port territories
  9. Drakoknight

    Stay safe

    Stay safe everyone. No matter if your elf or mc just stay safe
  10. This update would be where there is a event similar to Battle For Territories. The sentinels would have to defend their port against the Legion who has to attack the port and "take it" by destroying the banner or similar
  11. Im lvl 17 and I always fight level 20 and lvl 18's with expert skills
  12. I know but many people feels like Aigrind is going to replace Warspear with Skylore and nice profile pic
  13. Honesty I like it when people fight in the arena. It depends if Blade dancers don't spam but I have seen people just afk without armor and weapons. It's just too easy that way
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