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  1. Which build better? 1. Lvl 5 aura with lvl 1 heal. 2. Lvl 5 heal with lvl 1 aura.
  2. forget pvp for now >! go troll at swamps > get 18 items > amp to +10 > good at pvp.
  3. Grimoire


    For sure barb loses to bd if both have the same amp. Dnt know much about paladin.
  4. The best is Sudden doom xbow; It got both accuracy and penetration . s.D bow got dexterity but no accuracy.
  5. Grimoire


    Just like a true Barbarian They roar, they charge in like a bull; they kiss the floor( no offence barbs) :crazy:
  6. exceptional bd or just say "RamBo "
  7. Grimoire

    bug or greedy?

    This is what they want :rofl:
  8. You shud start your ♥♥♥♥ing marathon too, let'em feel how its like to chase a marathon runner :lol:
  9. JAJA, i thought it was some kind of bug ;D with all those discount rate.
  10. Mine 18 armor and glove +5 both with just 1 set sign, but my lvl 13 (+4 staff) with 3 sets signs and still the same not even 1 success. :facepalm:
  11. Amping weapon always take loads of signs, if u dnt want get bored with amp : try amping ur other gears first.
  12. Need fast connection to do fast teleporting or else........ :facepalm:
  13. All mshop items prices gone down, Devs became so generous :blush: or just another bug problem again? :bad:
  14. 1kk so that u'll have enough to distribute it to ur bankrupt members :rofl:
  15. if its 2x rogues vs 2x dk then rogue team has more advantage.
  16. another option : limit of view in arena for tablets. If u can see who ur enemy are even before the match started, think about those those who uses the element of suprise tactics. aint they f**kup :facepalm: ? i just want them to limit the tablets view in arena only, thats all.
  17. That might be after nxt nxt year or more until then all necro shud be put to sleep :diablo: :rofl:
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