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  1. with those items they will have a big advantage ...forever..... think abt that . the spirit of the game is not respected ... some ppl will have uniques % n stats on attk / hp and other stuffs ....
  2. they still ask millions for...... better wait next new weapons..... marketplayers :(
  3. evrybody welkome... i will give skull ..
  4. This message is for all the guild member - Guys i really don't know where is Palladio and if he will come back or not - I want wait one more week to try keep some informations about him.... if Palladio no come back, i will ( finally ) create my personal Skull Guild .... every skull will be welkome . ( just fun... ) sry for my poor english. Abbo


    ok Roland , i will believe the game , but i will never accept the fact abt some ppl enjoy ur BUGS ! too many strange things appear on us server . Fix ur holes or they will enter again and again...and is not good .
  6. ohhhh tyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -- SKULLS --
  7. proud to be NOOB if the " pro " is u.........
  8. poor baby....u just make me smile !!! and i repeat...better u back into ur m........ v g n a !!! i just express what i think and u come inside the topic talk abt me ...so pls delete it or download a new brain for that poor head... just an opinion baby !
  9. or delete ur brain !
  10. no insult pls.... ( KID ) a lot of rogues do crit more than ...just follow forum or a bit mc side... every bd know ....so pls go back into ur mom v....gi.-....na
  11. just a dumb...engage a war against a LV 6....
  12. the only thing bd need is more Hp !! if Rogue can do a crit more than 2.4k ,,,, the bd rest the whorst class about defence - i don't want to say about magic bullshit class (for loosers ) ...is totally unbalanced . every bd know that ! More Hp or Magic defence - reduce attk speed delay .. increase the difference btween the light and the heavy armors - We have class kill other class with perfect...( no touch ) that's is not possible. Dev u work for mcs and get money from elves ...( u right... but balance class pls ) when u create and choose a new char ,,ther's some clearly to strong than others...
  13. why no farm the boss drop u that...everybody know where for old runes ....no more ppl know for cristals.... still market market market....
  14. Market Players . Hope their cpus or Arm.... will burn soon. With that attitude , every players in Elf side , consider that game a market and the goal is to sell things....(no do war or kill or fight... seems like the only thing to do actually in ws is to go in a Dumb Cave and try do do a little war.... That s the reason u can find at max 10 blade of sudden (even not amped ) and max 6 rondels in all elf side.... no talk abt Kw brigantine or scale armor dd.... NOOBS sells those items for millions , but yeah u can find every costume u want ( not demon... need strong teamwork to get that and elves are not a team ) .... THAT IS THE ELF SIDE --- market players.... so what's the goal to be all +10 , all 17/18 sets,,, if u can't enjoy the game with friends and do fights , or raids ,,or Labo ..... hope that guild update give good ppl for organize funny things ... I will grow my skulls (future members of my clan ) they will be all +10 - i really want create that clan , and everydAY i m studying some persons (especially the BABY KILLERS ) . my conclusions .... elves are MARKET PLAYERS and dev team developp trhe game with mcs..... and make money with elves.....! my apologize for my orrible english.
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