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  1. I second that thought. Some people are trying to become attention-seekers these days on the forum...
  2. If you people are so upset by the profanities used in trade chat, what would you say to the profanities used in the players names... I have come across players using names containing nasty words (Can't remember them right now). This is a MMO and as such it will become a place where the entire gameplay is dominated by players who are in their teens or above. So such use of profanities is expected... Taking some kind of measure to reduce the abusive language isn't going to work as the developer's knowledge of abusive language is only restricted to English and Russain. What about abusive words used in Asian languages?
  3. If someone tells you that he/ she hates you in-game, that's because you must have spoiled their fun somewhere. It certainly doesn't mean that they hate you in real life because, lets face it, they don't know the real 'you'. So no need to take it personally and just get on with the game. If someone does bother you a lot, simply put them on the ignore list. But as a matter of courtesy, never spam them in private chat after you've put them on the ignore list. That is just childish behavior...
  4. Come on Developers. It's Monday :yahoo: [move]New class update please...[/move]
  5. I faced a similar problem sometime ago in arena. This BD named 'Superjetz' teamed up with me twice. But unfortunately we had to face two Rogues (both of whom were carrying Arena Flamberges; you know the orange swords), and this jackass of a arena partner of mine was carrying two arena daggers. So, the result was that he got stunned both times and I got slaughtered. But, after the second arena fight, this loser first puts me on the ignore list, and then privates me saying I don't know how to play, that I'm a newbie and weak. :wacko: Well, I did the same thing to him: Put him on my ignore list...
  6. My apologizes for not being active lately in the Forum and the Game. It's because I have my CA-Final exams coming this may. So I have to lay low for a while on Warspear. Will be back in mid-May when the exams are over. They run for 16-days :facepalm:
  7. No rush. Take your time :)
  8. Hamstring and Gouge do not balance each other out as iknowuall rightly pointed out... Crossfit, I don't know if you've realized this but in arena we also get Elf opponents to fight. So in that case, the BDs are sitting ducks in front of Druids and Rangers. I merely gave the suggestion to change the parry skill to Defense boost skill because BDs are supposed to be a tank-class player. Other than that, soon we are to have two new factions which have really powerful tank-class players. BDs wouldn't want to look like kids in front of them now would they?
  9. Actually, I think that there is no Ice attack as such. The prefix to the name 'Mage' was supposed to be 'Whisperer of Fire'. Besides, it is also supported by the fact that there is no Ice-type attack in the game: only Astral, Moon, Sun and Death... Developers, please do correct me if I am wrong...
  10. Up until now, the BD was supposed to be a tank class (Although the description gives the impression that the BD is supposed to be a Damage-Dealer). The current skill system of BDs make them a very effective target for two reasons: BDs can inflict a good amount of damage and can take a good amount of damage... I think the other skills are good enough however, the skill of 'Parry' is absolutely pointless as most of the opponents a BD encounters are usually in the ranged-class on whom parry has absolutely no effect. A BDs best quality is his Defense. So there should, perhaps, be a skill which gives a BD a temporary boost in defense... Just my opinion though...
  11. I see now the 'the might bladedancer' suffix has been done away with 8)
  12. There are members of this forum who've voted for a 'Yes'... :rofl:
  13. Elandir

    Amp System

    I believe it will be against the developer's interests to do away with the amplification system. I think that there should be a change in the system though. And the change should be that the players should not lose the equipment if the amplification fails. Rather the amplification level should go to +0 if there is a failure. Losing equipment also makes us lose the enchantments done on the equipment...
  14. I think that while the amplification system introduced in the game is a way to make money for the developers which is only fair, I do feel that it is unjust that the player loses his equipment if the amplification fails without using the Signs. I mean those equipment may be only costing in-game gold or CCs but they do have crystals and runes enchanted on them which is paid for by real money. Last night, I lost my Aventail of Berengar's Persistence which was completely enchanted. Kuzmitch or Smurfer or any other moderator out there reading this, please ensure that the amplification failure does not result in losing an equipment because, in my opinion, that's going a bit too far with playing with the player's money...
  15. I think 'Elandir' would suffice. 'the Might BladeDancer' is unnecessary... ::)
  16. This is a good class. Finally a magic damage class which does real damage unlike the amateur druids or shamans. But I have to ask, where is the Ice attack like you posted in the thread topic? However, I am still inclined to play a Paladin as it suits my style of play. The rest are, of course, entitled to their opinion... :drinks:
  17. Elandir

    Leveling up!

    Well, killing monsters is easy: Just hit them till their life runs out. ;D (I really don't know what you were trying to ask with that question) Your hero will get exp after completing quests. The next patch is called an update which is going to be Warspear 3.0 (Again I have no idea what you meant there) In fact, I have no idea what were you trying to ask in the entire post...
  18. My awesome posts? I don't know if that's a compliment or a sarcastic remark. I'm inclined to think of it as a compliment but please do tell me if otherwise. Other than that, thank you for the compliment ;D
  19. Then I guess, there's bug in my game because at times I am pounded on by more powerful mc players and when I re-spawn and go to get repairs, I find that I have to get none. Not that I am complaining about this specific bug... ;D
  20. Elandir

    HELLO! :)

    Just wait till you reach level 20 :lol:
  21. Then its strange. Because apparently my equipment doesn't get damaged even in PVP :wacko:
  22. I prefer it any day over the other brands :good:
  23. Wouldn't that involve, in a way, to create copies of each and every server or something?
  24. Why not download the client directly from the official website?
  25. That's odd. Usually your equipment doesn't get damaged while fighting with the opposite faction. It only gets damaged while fighting with the NPCs...
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