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  1. Ok cool, if something like this lays ahead that's something to look forward to.. Hopefully ( haven't seen any chat messages about it in world chat so it doesn't sound like the thing i was describing but thanks for letting me know there is a dungeon here) If I make it to this astral labyrinth & see what's going on there i'll mention more on this again & post up some images
  2. GoldBeggar

    Free stuff

    Hi, uhh, been busting my hump trying to play this mostly solo, i've always liked grinding in an mmo & slowly earning equipment, sustaining myself & earning my place but that's really difficult to do here.. if you could maybe direct me to a reputable crafter or seller that'd help me out a lot.. Cheers for 2017
  3. ..found more of the same stuff on ash coast, understanding more about the game & so on As an rpg fan who came up thru mazes & dungeons i wouldn't mind seeing something like that here (uhh, like one of the world maps is a huge multi leveled dungeon) the thing with something like that is ya could stagger the players journey through it (sections for Low, mid, higher level) it'd be really nice if it could encourage partying-up like rpg's of old but i know the mmo thing here works a little different (don't need a thief to pick a lock on a chest after a battle here, hehe) I'm still thinking of the days spent in the final parts of the chosen starter map (it used a Mayan kinda theme & involved some dungeon crawling) a whole world of dungeon could be really nice, especially if you could expand on it to eventually have things like underground villages in caves with lake pools, vegetation, giant mushrooms, tranquil settings kinda thing, these would be nice areas to hang out in & it would be nice to just explore all that, well, i think anyway.. ..I've always wanted to see something like that in an mmo, uhh, the dungeon i mean, dungeons usually have all sorts of strange potential.. Parts of this i imagine are like, if there were switches on walls that change a T-section of the dungeon & that might stay in place (allow access) for 2-4 hours, a dungeon could use a whole series of these, uncommon drop items could be used as the keys (stuff like that) your guild could spend a week in preparation drop hunting for a foray into the dungeon (looking for these keys, searching for different paths in the dungeon, etc) One of the elusive locations in the dungeon could be a shrine of item enchantment where u get a difficult quest & the reward is a 5 minute +1% chance to amp, uhh, that's just an obtuse example, stuff like that.. If the thing were large enough & designed cleverly there could be areas of the dungeon that even a seasoned player might only get to see after a long time, or obscure quests & strange events that could take the whole community months & years to figure out, uhmm, stuff to keep people interested in the long run.. and it shouldn't be sullied by mc or that kinda thinking, it's something like a bonus area for longevity in game (can't really pull that off with micro payments if ya can just buy yer way in) if the game used a varied drop table ya could have strange items dropping for this very rarely (things like the wall-keys mentioned above) some of the more obscure quests, events & mythologies of the dungeon could be handled this way too.. Anyway, i imagine (parts of) it something like this; experienced player bob has been playing ws for about a year & has made a few trips into the dungeon & managed to figure a few things out, one of these was a strange event that seemed to occur on Friday night's where a ghostly npc child used to wander a particular section of the dungeon/maze, clicking her all she'd put up was a dialogue "my dolly! Have you seen my dolly?" Now one day bob happens to be idly scrolling thru the market and spots an obscure item up for sale, something he'd never seen before (and something the seller probably didn't understand the significance of: a random extremely rare drop) "ghostly dolly" the item was called, the seller hypothetically asking 30 gold only, bob excitedly purchases this doll & makes a note to log in again on Friday night in an effort to find that strange npc... (you see what i mean?) ...there could be all sorts of things in a place like that (the dungeon) there could be things in there we don't even know we haven't found yet, y'know what i mean? ...something to keep a person playing this game, and dungeons are just freakin' cool!
  4. Interesting read. #6 is pretty useful, the party listing icons could be used as targets (other mmo's do this) I've never been to a guild tourny but all the summoned minions & fire & scurrying players in the dungeons are really difficult to target sometimes yeah, this would be really helpful if possible? (i am thinking of the minimap that sits in the top corner- if you click that nothing happens, it jyst registers the background behind it.. As a mobile user with a tiny screen i could live with the party member icons registering as clickable targets even if it impinged a little on my movement, can always tilt screen & accommodate for that)
  5. yes, that works.. I'm thinking something along the lines of 'the price of freedom is eternal vigilance' anyone who's ever been scammed just need to accept the fact they thought they were going to get something without doing things the normal way, usually just through hard work & effort.. *shrugs ..I've been scammed before & can accept this reality, it is always about having a little chink or vulnerability in ones armour.
  6. GoldBeggar

    Lvl or amp?

    I used the novice set (amped) until @lv7-9 (found suitable replacements in market from time to time) then eased into a lv11 set which i slowly bought (slightly amped from market) but always grinding, preparing & skipping 2,3,4 lvl's of gear outright where possible (in any mmo) especially if u can manage to amp a set at +5 or better, this makes it easy to grind just stay in your set while you work on your next set kinda thing.. The lv11 pieces might be the last ones that use sphere1's (if i remember this correctly) but you still need signs to protect from breaks so it's probably best to just grind for gp & try to earn enough to buy a good set from the market, then use that as a springboard to your next phase (which is probably a whole lot more grinding, but by then you'll have a much better idea of how things go here, market prices, etc) Seeya in the funny farm.
  7. ...how ppl fall for this stuff? the first scammer u meet here is the game itself
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    ..just got here & already feel big resentment for this game, mostly because of how it's been structured & is just way too money hungry, toxic players never bother me they provide challenges it's the owners of these things that do my head in, there is no recourse with them. not sure i'll make 3 months let alone 3 years.. must've been nice here back then but things like those rage runes & hp leech start to cater more for solo glory over any semblance of partying & teamwork & "fun", like every other mmo i've seen with item mall if you are not a 'power gamer' you are not going to have much fun.. only it's much more debasing here as mobs drop things that sell for 1 or even 0 gold.. well, i could go on & on & on but may as well beat my head against a brick wall waiting for some sociopath to tell me it's all me & i just need to grind more, yeah? -out
  9. ..still persevering in game, starting to get 'established' after 2 weeks & overcoming things like ridiculous start inv slots (how many potential players are irked by that alone?) ...mobs don't seem to drop useful things like hp pots etc, a lot to come to terms with.. ..having difficulty w/ joining parties & watching main chat flooded with requests, wondering why a party-matching system hasn't been implemented? ..lots of 'tweaks' like that could even be vip content (ie: pay for service) similar thing could be developed for trading/sourcing items, I'm currently trying to amass the lv12 snow prisoner series of armor pieces, if there was some kinda noticeboard system in the towns where people could leave messages...? that could also be a vip feature, right? ..I'd imagine creative users could even start experimenting with this system also- someone might be a bit of a news buff or some other interest & start posting regular articles or jokes, news, advice, y'know what i mean? ...there could be way more things to do in this game besides grind mobs (i almost added 'for exp' there) ..not sure what lays beyond my home island map but I'm watching half the population of the server waddle over to snow map every so often to try & feed birds or somethin' - the game could have all sorts of things like this running intermittently/randomly across the game world (for example, escorting a trading wagon from town to town, similar to the game fallout 1) there should (could) be something like this especially in relation to guilds & the development of 'guild lands' (previous post) ..all sorts of things ..start asking players what they would like to do in their game world, you might be surprised where it can lead to, thanks for your time.
  10. ..kinda got into rick & morty over last few months, bit of a jaded discourse goin' on there ..gave up on game of thrones after yet another character was killed off ..heard talk of a remake of 'IT', watched the original 30x ..bible study, study, study
  11. thankyou for the gifts & a happy new year to you also
  12. Hi, just some McIdeas after playing mmo's for a while.. costumes; (jester, pimp, 'jason voorhes', pirate w/ pegleg & parrot, police, janitor, yadda yadda) Clan/land expansion; [1] Buy 'land' from town npc (gold or mc) or make a dedicated map that needs to be cleared of monsters that a guild can 'earn' via series of quests (so when you enter that map, you're entering your clan area, not a 'public' area) *using 'bought' lands that any player could possibly enter allows for further possibilities (raids, visits, events, etc... uhh, no raiding the existing clan storage system tho', hehe) [2] clan lands could open up all sorts of further expansions; eg: buy garden plot kits to start growing plants (resources) which could be crafted into various potions (or further crafting items) etc, this could also be coupled with a (skill based?) specialist system such as further roles within guild (ie: gardener) other roles could complement other such guild land expansions, such as an alchemist who might brew said potions, or a blacksmith who might specialize in metals, etc.. (i mention all this as a person who doesn't mind doing other things in mmo besides killing mobs..) [3] clan lands could also feature a clan dungeon to build & expand (..later) but to begin with (and as one of the above mentioned installments) certainly something like mini-games; a peculiar type of lawn bowls comes to mind, stuff like that (with an opportunity for drops, of course- possibly slots the owning guild can supply?) ..anyway, sky's the limit with all that 'permanent' pet; Meh, use existing system, add stable facility, put a (upgradable) timer on the beasty (ie: pet goes to sleep for hours) everyone's satisfied, right? ..of course the dern thing hasta earn exp & lvl up (possibly even skill points- one skill could be extended duration) if ya do that add a mini-skill tree kinda thing so's everyone's pets aren't the same.. if ya do that may as well include pet gear (just a weapon & armor piece maybe?) yadda yadda possible new class 'beast master' *cough* pet trainer yadda yadda the kids'll love it.. Errata; Pet system + guild attractions = jousting minigame. Pet (upgrade) mount (fast travel) Uhh, that's enough for this installment- tappin' away on a keypad like a hepped-up lemur here, thanks for reading, may all your drops be shiny, expensive & nutritious
  13. ..somethin' like this in guild menu with a splash of forum; like the messages auto-delete after 24 hours (guildies working all day, can't seem to communicate when offline?) ..some kinda community message board in the towns might be handy to organise things, & the occasional joke maybe, stuff like that (put a 1post limit & charge gold to post) ..nub chat or some kinda beginner chat area would be nice
  14. thanks for the welcome, i'll keep an eye out for ya (US sapphire server) ...this post will be the last one i can make until the 19th so if anyone see's me out there add me to your friend list, currently level 7 runnin' around near the snakes & bears (with no shoes) o_0 ..oh, & if someone could maybe tell me where that shop is that sells the def/atk spheres for 20 coins that'd be great (..it's probably back in that first town or somethin')
  15. Hi, I'm playing on a low-end device from australia, joined a few days back, enjoying grinding for peanuts, hehe played games like this on my laptop a few years ago, so kinda familiar with it (no exp for killing mobs? uhh, ok..) just getting used to a few things.. and the interface.. and pretty much everything else.. looking for an Australian or local guild & people to learn from, party with, etc, thanks for reading & may all your drops be heaven-stones (oh wait, that's some other game)
  16. Yeah sweet, thanks for the help- good to see an active community here, it's pretty grim lookin' for an mmo on the low-end windows phone market (i went back & scoured the area & noticed one of those tree trunks near the tree stump was different to the others) so far i'm enjoying the game but some kinda enchantment guide would be handy next- just broke my spiffy beginner's priest boots at only +2
  17. Hi, the final step of the 'find the foodstuff' quest is giving me some guff, I've checked the quest map locater thing & seem to be in the right area (it mentioned marcus' house) I'm searching all these tree-stumps but finding nothing, usually the little arrow thing indicates where to go but there's no help from that - i considered maybe the arrow wouldn't show coz it was "hidden" yeah? But then marcus' stash quest led me straight to his stash!? so, uhh.. what gives? ..anyway, if someone could maybe help that'd be much appreciated
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