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  1. I changed my opinion. :shok: Vote for me. ;D 10:4 :bad:
  2. I think it's not a good idea. What does a leader do in Warspear? :unknw: Where are you hidding? :facepalm:
  3. I think Taunt is the unique tactic skill for us Barbarians, but it needs some increments such as disable the use of active skills of the enemy for an amount of time depending on the skill level
  4. Two suggestions: - Roar: reduce cooldown or increase activated time skill - Taunt: enemy character loses his target and has disabled your active skills Im testing Arena yet, so I will give a better feedback later.
  5. Some news about your account Shy? :unknw: I pitty the lammers when Mioco find out them. :diablo:
  6. O valor de $2,50 não é em reais, mas sim em dólar. Procure pela taxa de câmbio atual no Google e acrescente a esse valor as tarifas cobradas pela operada. Espero ter ajudado.
  7. It's true. Same people wasting alot of time in war on Emerald. Last war I counted 7 hours. I know because I stayed from beginning till the end. ;D
  8. Please stop double post. If you are doing quests in dangerous places, so becareful. Imagine this scene: You're looking for trouble in Fight Mode, then some noobs kill you and when you come back for revenge, all are in Peace Mode. :facepalm:
  9. Not a good idea. It's my opinion. :blush:
  10. Because I use 2handed to kill Rangers and Druids. :lol:
  11. Why you hate me? :bad: :bad: :bad: Easy to understand. Inside Arena earn points, outside Arena have fun.
  12. One-handed Axe/Sword + Shield Pros - High speed atack; High defense; Parry; High HP; High HP regen Cons - Low damage per hit and using Strong Blow; Low dodge; Hard to take aggro from sword rogues Two-handed Axe/Sword Pros - Highest damage ever; Easy take aggro; Good HP Cons - Attacks in slow motion; No parry; Low defense These are some pros and cons that I noticed during my play time, feel free to add your experiences about the best class ever seen. ;)
  13. I see that you do not even know whatis education. I read your pm, if you really want peace learn to say words other than foolishness and swear-words. Anyway, you ask Fafurion a few tips, he can help you.
  14. Berengar's Six Shadows quest still not works. Help Dev's.
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