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  1. AdrianZ

    blocked account

    ...and thats it. Someone please PM me when Dior get unban. Till this time i wont play. See you soon i hope.
  2. i will restart this suggestion because its not fair. MC can't do stellas quest because guards in caravans are too weak! Elfs learn to not kill avengers there and now noone can finish this quest. Do something with that. Elves got no problem with this quest on MC side. Thats unfair. All we can do on 18 level are those CC quests, think about it, before will be too late.
  3. AdrianZ

    blocked account

    nothing new. We know already that is illegal. Btw Dior did you use multibox or you just play on pc and phone. If that second you are not against the rules because you use 2 different clients and got 2 different licenses one for pc client and one for phone client. Technically you can use them in same time because its not violate the rules. I wonder how Deviana/Deokmans know that multibox rule? He just get unban and doing still the same i mean killing ppl with 2 characters what is for sure unfair advantage. I'm sure that Deviana is same person with Deokmans because once i attack him suprised Deviana stops and he start defend with Deokmans. Maybe he cheat devs that Deviana and Deokmans are 2 different persons (hes brother for example).
  4. but that china farmers can sale fake hand made items :lol: . Still i think that you cant make any regulations in prices. Ppl still will decide if wants to sell or not.
  5. AdrianZ

    The FoF Clan Book

    Great news :good: . No more bans for Shyleen :drinks: . She said that she is not happy from support reply... don't know why
  6. new bladedancer skill weakness enemies hits. Its crap because works too short time.
  7. AdrianZ

    Support team

    I think they will forgive him... i hope so
  8. AdrianZ

    The FoF Clan Book

    Kuzmitch said that they will change one account rule soon. For now if someone got more than one account, i suggest keep it in secret.
  9. Report that guy because its against the rules. You cant sell nothing what is in game by real money because all rights are reserved to AIGRIND LLC.
  10. AdrianZ

    blocked account

    hahaha... And how to get angry on you Kuzmitch. Ill increase your karma for that :-)
  11. AdrianZ

    The FoF Clan Book

    Smurf there is clean rule: "The user is granted the right to create 1 (one) Account for Warspear Online game" and here is the point because you cant use multibox and other programs if you got only one account even if there you got 3 characters there, you will failed to login more than one of them.
  12. AdrianZ

    blocked account

    yup because "The user is granted the right to create 1 (one) Account for Warspear Online game." so only one account wont violate the end user license which you accepting before make account.
  13. AdrianZ

    The FoF Clan Book

    yup i understand that same. You need choose other way you will be criminals :mega_shok:
  14. AdrianZ

    blocked account

    oh that is complicated... its not writing clean. If for example someone got PC client and phone client there are two different clients, phone got wifi so you can run PC client and phone client in same time what wont violate that rules. You will see same IP address because both using same access point.
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