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  1. bro in real any suggestion I think they didn't even read it so I gave up a lot of the game little things that would make huge differences * but there is an analogy that explains the game situation very well. a person is dying of cancer but cares about cutting the hair to change the look
  2. but dead the game is now impossible 90% of players don't get lv 30 for real out of frustration most players give up on the game because the game is the way it is. there are delayed suggestions but crazier and thinking that now to be perfect... think about the large number of players who give up of the game cannot keep players after lv 18 any change in a luck-based amplification system would be nice
  3. the truth is the dev don't care for what is said on the forum by experienced players, a while ago i posted a similar link on the forum... I stopped today to see the forum and the themes of my posts continuam sempre em debate https://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?/topic/248352-new-amplification-system/
  4. Putting an option of only heir or higher moves in the chest of the guild
  5. # proposal for creft notification schedule on android be able to schedule a notification on android when a production of a particular item appears creft seekers have to log in every 30 minutes in 30 minutes to check if the item appeared there is a large list of possibilities whether in weapons, rings, capes in practice we know that there are notifications when items are sold or warspear news
  6. # Proposals for Guilds Creation of the vice-leader position:. In practice, a position that can evolve members into heirs and remove heirs - - - Anyone who has been a guild leader knows how much work it takes, and that there will always be a vice leader # second proposal . remove rule that guild leader lose leader # third proposal for the creation of an intermediate position between heir and esplorador a position that can activate guild skills and that cannot remove people
  7. I understand your point very well, so in the example I wrote so you need 150 or 200 to be sure to +9 for f +10, it is a high number but at least it is a certainty, and it prevents players from spending 300 sigh on an impossible dream
  8. more what I propose is a mixer of luck or certainty .... an ideal system is far from possible
  9. the extremely rich continue to play and the vast majority give up on the game
  10. exactly nobody is extra rich to throw gold in the trash for luck reasons a counter to make sure it will amplify would be a way for this system to be less unfair, and i don't think it's a matter of luck day more yes gun has extra hard weapons
  11. # proposal the system is totally based on luck, it is a nonsense. what I propose is a mix of luck with certainty, even if that number of certainty is for example: from +9 pro +10 you will have to spend 150 stamps to have the number of certainty and can be amplified before by luck # motivations and questions sincerely throw your money in luck, it is absurd I spent 190 stamps, in an arc lv 20 that only reached +7 if it was +8 or +9 I had understood blz because the system is based on luck it is known to the players .... that even if we had two equal lv 10 weapons ..... one can be extremely easy to level up ... and the other absurdly deficient, being the deficit of upar absurdly deficil .... like the expression 8 or 80, some weapons being so complicated that it is better to give up and change I've seen friends spend 60 to level up and not leave +4 and can't do it and threw their money in the trash and every player has a story like that
  12. I speak sincerely. thanks for your comments, it wasn't my intention to be aggressive but also you gave some arguments and i answered in the same tone and you and blocked some of mine but it also one person to say that making league is an easy thing every night of sleep i lost helping my friend league and the patience i that i had had to have. if for your position making league is a simple thing consider that for others not about me saying: first thing that there was a league before the tower barangar and there was not also on map 4, it was because you said: you can't complain about how the missions were built your say (and in that case you can't blame the way these quests have been made, because fighting players exactly represents the main obstacle you find with these quests); what your serve ?
  13. you are definitely playing on a dead server. easy to talk to whoever plays on serves with little player.no server br is not like that. it doesn’t work every morning there are several rogue and dk hunting noob. if you want I can post a video to prove it and if you think it's easy to make a league make a challenge do it without asking the help of friends lv 30
  14. I play since 2012. it has always been extremely stressful to make league in big serves and now it's lv 15 against lv 30 it's not like it used to be lv 15 against 20 or 28
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