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  1. With that absorb shield i mean the dmg u dealt isnt 0, it would heal u a % of the dmg taken for some time. Being 20%-25%-35%-50% in 5-6-8-10. And coldown like hex 20 seconds with 30% fero more less
  2. Well. All who plays locks and are decents with them will know at least 2 things. Locks works wirh vamp but still need pesudoheal skill and even +10 locks 29% resi cant resist to full +10 bd hamstring, and maybe, if got surprised, a rogue in same case. We all know locks need to kite for survive, and need to timing well stun skills for dont waste tht stuns secs. So, maybe, new skills could be 2 possibilietes. As i repeat maaaany times, a skill like sun seal. Same as vamp, according dmg u deal, u would restore a % of that dmg dealt. Or, in easy tree boss has "negative heal" means if u atk her
  3. With feirma, 618 dmg, 4k magic def, 4.5k hp, 20% lifesteal against sleepercell, 4.5k hp, same magic def (more if he use bark) and bit less dmg, i hit him like 340 if not bark. If bark its less. (both have more less 30% resi if not more). U cant down aswell in permastun, coz he root u, getting near u for not fail song and zas. All ur dmg u did to him removed. Druid has less dmf skills? Yes. But who cares? Slow or fast he gonna kill u coz u cant deal tht 4.6k burst while he is healing himself+ resi defense+bark+their stuns. THTS WHY i said NOT PURE HEAL, meaning for example sun seal skill, accor
  4. Aslo, for ur info, permastun in locks isnt too long. Circle hex arrow fear grimo pool and zas, in that, silence. After silence ends u have circle and fear. BUT U DONT HAVE HEX AGAIN, still bit coldown. So 1 of 2. 1) use stonebody for refresh fear and circle and start combo again= let druid heal, move near u and use song 90% of times will be effective. Aslo in stoebody u cant clixk a skill. Need to have very fast fingers. Or 2, simply, continue atk. He will root u, till he getting near (if he pro druid) then water, light and song and zas, permastun. And still, if not permastun, he could heal +
  5. Or daily quest like: Gold: ? Exp: ? Gp: 45 Info: kill all scorposaurus and strong scorposaurus u can in 2 min. The more u kill, better reward. And the stronger u kill, better reward. This quest could be at town, in a tent. And when u accept, it bring u to new zone, lonely, full of mobs. U can use skills pots and minion and whatever u want.
  6. Special mounts well let u able to use skills while u mount them. Only those would let u use skills
  7. Still money or more coz tht pets u would buy by mcoins, and aslo a pet would le u extra status. Maybe (example) elephant gives u more heal and def, tiger gives more speed, a bear would give u more regeneration, a toad more energy... And maybe special mounts for each faction. In case of chosens, a golden lion, in case of elves, a varano, in case of mc, a bear warior, incase of forsaken, spiders
  8. Still money or more coz tht pets u would buy by mcoins, and aslo a pet would le u extra status. Maybe (example) elephant gives u more heal and def, tiger gives more speed, a bear would give u more regeneration, a toad more energy... And maybe special mounts for each faction. In case of chosens, a golden lion, in case of elves, a varano, in case of mc, a bear warior, incase of forsaken, spiders
  9. And shamans doesnt need totem. They need good stun (example, lighting storm, deal dmg in area and put debuff tht keep paralyse enemy, stunning for short periods till debuff gone. Aslo if lightball strike, can add tht debuff to near enemies)
  10. Digbick, shaman has already a "necro shield" tht support ur partner teleporting him near to u away from danger. And priests has full mana drain cycle. My lick has +320 energy, i try dont get drained. But if missclick or clicked when shdnt, it drains HALF of m energy. And aslo, exist negative energy, but doesnt appear. If u are low energy and used skill while tht drain, u will be in negative energy, i mean, ur energy will not restored (srsly) it happens to me. I used stonebody whn low energy for recorver it, but priest drained my energy when i did tht, and after reg hp/energy time, it wasnt res
  11. And shdnt chane basics skills. All good as their are (talking about mages and locks) maybe shattered stone shd be more stun time, amd mayne life exaust shd last longer (it deal 3 ticks but x2 heal)
  12. @STRONTZION warlocks and mages already have. Dragoneye recorvers a lot of energy, and gives 25% ark speeed 50% accu at 4/4. And stonebody removes "aggro", so with nice harmony ur mana will be restored most fully in few. Shaman has more dmg skills than druid, but just 1 disable skill (blind). Quake still able to use skills. But druid has root, waterball song and pool root. Aslo have x3 heal skills will shaman has x2.
  13. Cold, u can restore much hp.. for example (against druids) they will kerp u most time unable to use skills. Ok in waterball scene u can use fear hex and etc, but not.fully permastun, while druids has healing then while that. But if u get rooted again, u will able only to normal atk. Means u only will drain by that, not skills. So mean, if we suppose u deal to druid 400 by normal atk, ans u have 20% vamp, u will drain more less 100 hp. Atk speed in staffs is lowest. But druids can heal +380, ehile they have same stun capacity as lock domt being a dmger class. So in a full combo of lock u can dr
  14. Hassn isnt pro, we all know, he win coz cheat afk arena. He even deleted +10 friend character coz she ddnt won. And 3-4 years ago i was an AoA, 22h spamming 5*5 all hassn char sept me im win pt, the demander. They all afk sept morad in other pt for demand. I fallen slept> i couldnt demand> Hassn kicked me coz "i was afk" (while he was all time. Aslo hassn scammed avastxxx staff, and kicked damirlo from AoA for no reason. Just telling, ppl say he is pro coz they want "gifts", not coz he need cheat for win. We all know
  15. Could i ask when new skills expert will come?
  16. And u ddnt read well. "sun seal" heal u depends dmg dealed in target. "not a pure heal!" more dmg u deal, more heal u get. Comparing with heal skill of druids/shamans necros/priests coldown has, sun seal has more cooldown, amd as i said isnt pure heal. If u nor deal dmg on target, u woulndt "heal" urself
  17. Im comparing about skills. If a healers is supposed to heal, root&songs&waterball make permastun, and yes, "less dmg" dealer is a druid if we compare to lock. But druid can heal. Lock may kill "faster" coz its dmger, but druid its not a dmger, and still make u 90% impossible to do skills. Druid will kill u slowly? Maybe. But he will kill u anyway, taking same combo stun as lock; but with heal coz is healer
  18. And remember, my win rate is 98% more less. Every time i win arena wirh glad and skill on, i win like 250ap max, till they win almost 100 of lose. But if i lose, they win like 300 even more, and i win 60 of they lose. Means if u win high ratio u eill get more ap, or if u lose they will not win many ap if u have low win ratio
  19. But we must remember in seals, not focused to kill. Ofc every kill is 15 pontis, and ofc bds can instakill too many ppl, or down u fast with just hitting, but i dont need kill a bd (myself) for win seal. I can focus the dmger or healer, disable 2, my friends and i have teamwork coz they know im weakest so they support me while i support them till they killing fast till we control seal. Going random in seals not best idea; better 2*2 5*5 or if back 3*3 normal. Thst why i prefer seals. No cheaters, no need be high amp. Just need strategy , life seals and teamwork
  20. The problem is hotkeys xD, if u not mcoinbuyer, u will not able for get that passive bonus if u not risk an expert.
  21. About minigames looks like good, if u have luck ofc why not. U could enter a speciall room and make bets. It would be good to make gold but remember; if u bet, u can lose Night&day cycle maybe with some events (? And aslo, why not chosens and elfs with day buff and mcsakens with night? I think it have more sense, (idk) and aslo that "buffs" could be increase drop rate, or more regeneration skills. Pot&scroll crafting seems good too. Special crafts could be for example wirh energy bottles (or tincture if scrolls) could be 100% pot, and ethereals for 150%. Aslo some special pots, like
  22. Another suggest could be tincture for clothes, primart and second colour. I like spectator arena, seems op, it will help u getting ideas "how play any char against any char" pet suggest good aslo, but inconvenence; alert enemies? Mean, if rogue in stealth is near, he will discover? Abiut persinal house? Maybe could be guild castle. U could teleport for 0 gold in traveller, that would be filled of trophies tht guild made, more level guild=castle aspect change, a room with full chests 1 for each heir, where u can use as bank (tht will low bank players, so less ppl in server doing nothing) as
  23. Bds can use daggers too (remember best dps is axe&dagger) but its true in legion side bows&xbows are useless. Suggest? Make mundial dealer, that make u possible sell any weapon, armor, or exange items in dealer and may be bought in any side
  24. And aslo u forget palas can heal already more thsn 1k hp being tanks. Make them heal more? ._. U can use magic rings instead of phys dmg rings or non magic dmg rings.
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