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  1. Most ppl know daggers are for pve (my rogue is pve build) amd aslo, my crit 33% accu 12-18% i just lack in pene, but idc a lot, simce i can hit twice, meaning if i have 600 dmg, and i hit 400 on enemy, i can deal 800!800! If bot crit, mean 1600!. And as i hit faster than axes, i will hit at least 1 time more than a guy using axes. Axes has more BURST, but best dps are both daggers for pve or axedagger for pvp and pve
  2. And u dont kmow diff between burst and dps. Just let u know, i hit like ranger with passive using daggers with that speed
  3. Dreaming? Dodge 5/5 gives 10%. Before relics, i have ss i reach 57.x% in relic test, u cam add to dodge 10% chance to get 20% dodge for 15 secs. Reflexes 4/4 gives like 15%dodge but im still dreaming?
  4. Ranger had just a passive that can "twice dmg" but look, rogue has strike, rico, flurry, poison, jump. Ranger has strike, flame, rain and fire trap. All ranger "root" skills doesnt stun, so u can use skills, and remember ranger need to kite or he gonna be squishy. (Ranger has dodge as rogue? Nope, rogue can low to 0 acc, ranger cant. Ranger has not gap closer since they are ranged, amd rofue has reflexes, that gives more dodge
  5. Worst skill? It down to 0 accuracy lmao. In server test, i reached 77% dodge with new relic, and u down enemy accu to 0. Means 2.3 of every 10 atks will dmg, all others should dodge. But u still think it suck? I agree bds are rank, not dmgers. But rogues "tank" way is dodging, not wearing heavy armors. And aslo, isnt same burst and dps. Bd has burst, and rogue has dps. Thats why i domt up jump on my rogue, as it dont crit and as i only use it for get closer. My rogue reach 55% atk speed using daggers, 2/4 exterm skill, NO RELICS. Poison nerfed? Yes. But u aslo dont lev up it coz u want it for
  6. U can add more yards range in hamstrinf with new update. So u will can hams in 4 yards. Are u sure, if u know ince u get hamstred, sayonara?
  7. Hmm locks need pseudo heal. Ok add to exhaust 1 heal rick more *facepalm*
  8. They always does like that. Hmm we need nerf bd. Ok, less chance to counter, bur more duration. With that, they made perma counter. Thts called nerf. Now. Hmmm guys are saying counter back pretty dmg. Lets down it a bit. We will add relic in hamstring, so it could be 4 yards. Yep, do that. Thats a nerf too? We know if u get hamstred, sayonara so 4 yards for be a melee class....
  9. This skill not useless. For pve is very useful. For hunt in party too. Tgis skill ismt for pve, since it can be removed easy. I dunno why blame about relax, qhen bloody removes fast if enemy does an skill, amd if it does, it remove a shit of energy.
  10. I won against rogue when i was 300hp, he ddnt touch more. I drained till 1200 hp, amd im not full life steal, exhaust 4/5
  11. But in this new update, locks will be "dot damager". Why? Thx of relics. Exhaust will drain more amd better, aslp can crit many times. Fear and circle can last longer. Exhaust can even silence (relic has 10% chance to silence for 4-5 secs. Exhaust deal 3 ticks. Thats 30% chance to silence) Ans pool? Pool has a relic, that low enemy def by 25%!!!!! Pool has 5 ticks, 5*10% chance to active is 50% chance. Gtimo 4/4 its 80% less mdef. No need to calculate a lot, u will deal too much dmg coz op penetration. So, why up arrow, when u cam drain and deal too much dmg just using dots?
  12. Tomorrow will, amd before, and until devs are updating game, we will be able (at least should) to play in test server
  13. Ppl said bds can hamstring in 4 yards... are we talking about melee class?
  14. +world chat: guys where is relic? -world chat: look in miracle shop +world chat: :pokerface: -world chat: :troll:
  15. I want it al, i want it all, i want it all, and i want it now xD
  16. Now i enjoy to be a lock more. Lock based on dots, so more chances for sucess xD
  17. Bds arend dodgers. Bds tank loghic: if i kill enemy fast, he will not hurt me, so im can be called tank. Dead enemy camt do dmg
  18. Maszbayy is shaman, and i main lock. We complaining about balance means. True all classes has trouble with druids and bds, beacuse they arent balanced. Tank class getting dmger skills and healer class has too many heals skills&crowd skills. Try tovplay with shaman against bd or druid, pr lock against bd or druid if u can. U will understand us
  19. Ofc u ddnt used them in pvp right now against druids or bds
  20. U will see bds, tanks, has too many dmg, druids, healers, has too many crowd skills and rogues, dpsrs, are getting dps skills. So we can say rogue getting balance, druid and bd not
  21. Again, check elasiri vs hassn. Hassn its barb but we can say he is over powered. Even thesamurai, top druid in arena says bds are better than druids. Compare skills dude. Just need to read what skills has bd as "tank" amd rogue as "dps" or druid as "healer"
  22. about the skills they already have or about new ones? Coz a shaman just will be usefull in pve, if locks up that new skill for more stun, bye grimo, means bye high burst.Rpgue get good skill? Yes, But rpgue need to be melee for use. Rogue can be stunned amd stoped easy. Necro skill? Good, but theyvstill need to use hp in most their skills. Dk skill? Good sinergy with dark shield Barb skill? Meh, its good since their stun skills has chance for stun
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