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    I just met you, and this is crazy
  2. As a warlock, vs mages, I prefer to go with fear first and then dark circle, since there is an high chance that they will teleport at the same time and cirlcle will miss, instead fear "follows" the target. That said, I dont really see how a mage can kill a warlock 1vs1. I mean ok in arena 2 mages can be powerfull (double teleport + stone on same target -> dead) but in the real world, dunno. Maybe I'm wrong, I'd be curious to pvp Neromage. :)
  3. If you try to buy it, you are kicked out of the server. Try!
  4. But I like new update, I just think that with a lil effort it could have been made without making bg guards and lab a lot less interesting. Ok if you have a solid group of high lvl friends you can still hunt lab and have fun, but that isnt the reality for the majority of people (and me). :D yeah swamps debate is out of fashion now, just this new update amplifies the problems it took.
  5. Yeah, first of all, chill dude, dunno why you are so pissed off. :drinks: Second, if hunting lab is better than going norlant for getting lvl 18 equip, how do you explain the dramatic price drop of all the lvl 18 items? And that there are almost no more parties going lab, at least judging by trade chat. It's simply too difficult and long hunting there for the rewards you can get. You have just been very unlucky, I do Norlant quests from 3 weeks every day with just one char and I have got 3 lvl 18 items (no weapons) and the wild boy costume. But that could happen at lab as well. For the part lvl 18 gears vs arena 17 gears, well I agree with you, but that's not the point.
  6. I'm starting to think that with new area gears that much crit is useless. 20 % or more resilience means you will never (almost) crit anyway, so it would be better focusing on def. Dont get me wrong, I have Impenetrable set too ("only" 28.7% crit though cuz I dont have doom staff :D), I'm just wondering. Also, 11.6% pene isnt a lil too much, since most of players have just 8.6% dark defence (2 rings + cloack)?
  7. Finish Chainless League and stop. Hunt and look for a certain piece of equip, lol, you know better than me why that is false.
  8. Yeah, lvl 18 stuff and new arena items will eventually become obsolete, but its not the problem. The problem is that with the last 2 updates they made whole areas of the game totally worthless, whats the point going bg guards or lab now? All what it took was making new arena gears lvl 19 (and probably lvl 18 items lvl 20), but I guess that would have given less money to developers.
  9. Leo Acq

    lv10 arena

    I used to rule arena 10 with 5 power shot 3 blessing, and a good ranger partner.
  10. Leo Acq


    Sword look lile arena lvl 15 one but yellow, bow like bow lvl 14 but yellow, havent seen other weapons yet.
  11. I got my arena 17 staff and belt with around 300 fights, that isnt absolutley 4k mc coin. I would be cool with lowering arena points per victory, but there are 2 major problems: -most rewarding fights, 5x5, are very hard to find, it's possible to stay even 2 hours in line and dont get a single fight, and even 3x3 are now quite rare. I was lucky cuz I got most of my points the first day of update, when arena 5x5 was full of people. -Elves have huge disadvantages in big fights cuz they dont have classes with area skills apart from paladin, a group with good shamans/warlocks is simply impossible to defeat for them. 2x2 are fair fights, but 3x3 and especially 5x5 are ruled by mc classes (go take a look to arena ratings). There should be some changes, maybe doing some maps good for elves (a long narrow bridge perfect for trapping, for example) and mixing the 2x2 requests with 5x5 and 3x3 ones.
  12. Yeah :D I wanted a discussion. In the end I have chosen the arena one because with the other I'd be under 2k hp (I'm lvl 18) and that pisses me off a lot xD
  13. I know, but every good player has at least 8,6% dark resistance (cloak + 2 rings), and without the belt my penetration is 7.3, with 9.1, so I'd do more damage with the befouler belt.
  14. Well female chars get a +3 in [Harassment] by every other male character, but also a +2,5 % in Gifts and Free Help stats. It's up to you ::)
  15. Well I see from your pic that you use full impenetrable set instead of half guiding thread set for hp. And lvl 18 staff is better than the arena 17 one because it has penetration instead of resilience, isnt an easy choice.
  16. Agreed, but more dmg with the befouler one..
  17. What is better for a warlock in PvP, the belt of befouler ( 18 mana, 1,8 pene, 14 dmg) or the new astrologer sach (2 resi, 166 hp, 16 dmg) ? I'm very undecided, and I repeat I'm talking about pvp only. With crit crystal and hp/resi rune ofc.
  18. He may be a very religious cowboy.
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