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  1. :drinks: good and nice,tsp are lucky they have you haha
  2. :facepalm: its lag smetimes it happen in rouges too, they cn attack me me 7 steps away.
  3. :facepalm: specially nOww, i cn find better Gear in dealer even trade chat. >.
  4. :facepalm: my post has been deleted? phew,
  5. ;D i dnt know many things but i know a littlge base on my expii,, *getting started* -when u got lvl two, just upgrade firstly the skill 'lightning Bolt' it cn help u to kill mobs fast, just remember dou 1 skill only for 1 mob so u dnt get depeit ur mana badly,.. -when u got lvl 4, and so on just max 'healing dew' next until lvl 10,some of druids maxing lightning bolt first,ijust dnt know, maybe they want quickee kill and for better arena at the same time, but maxing heal first make u undying outside the arena, yeah a lil long killing mobs but its okay ,trust me. :) -next, how to be a good arena druid?? XD here just a few tip from me, but i suggest ask pro still then, *there are two types of druid in arena, a full support druid ,and a semi support and semi carry druid. *a full support druid is a druid that have many astral than moon magic, maybe u just know it when looking its staff, yeah speaking astrals its have more heal, *vice versa with with semi hitter druid, more moon magic than astral, anyways, -how to fight inside the arena? *because u are the smooth one we all know that u are the first target ,, how to avoid that? when the fight begin iknow u see sometimes ,Rouges or bd just simply GOUGE ur arena partner and then go straight with u, dont panic, its ok, just make shure ur ready, buffed the armor and heal by urself, then when u see them, simply use root at the one enemy and use insect swarm to other enemy, even its not totally stunned the dps of the skill is enough to make them ministun for a while then start running. -when killing bosses no need to explain maybe? just a little tip when starting bos killing ask them who have better heal ,and let him or her be the healer u just use only the armor . and other skills, --ASK THEM for more info, i wish it will help to newbies. bye bye. muah!w;)
  6. :lol: they Always kick me in party when theyre start farming. xD idunno why ?
  7. :lol: aawww, mann, Dnt Be jealous its Show thats ur insecure, Just tell ur mom whats happen and Cry :D
  8. :dirol: i Suggest to pm SOLARHEAL ,and ask him, hes the best priest i saw. :]
  9. :sorry: hahah, jeez,, btw, anyone knows where the Runic arbalest drop? lvl 13 crossbow,
  10. :facepalm: dnt Show me the Formula cuz its suckz,, Okaay, bow and crossbow? theyre both Good anyways, for me, CrossBow is BetteR if its amplified lvl raised, +5 and Below, dnt worry about About speed, cuz its dnt actually 3.3 exactly its Just need, a CRYSTAL OF DEXTERITY, or simply crystal for attack speed, then, what? dunno .hahah, specialy now the crystals cn upgrade too cuz of x-mas event. :P the damage of +5 bow and +5 crossbow ,or +5 below is extremely different, just see it from ur own. ;) Blessing is mre good here but, CRITICAL FROM CROSSBOW ,makes me crazy xP BOW, its BetteR if +6 plus, not like crossbow,bow attck speed is pretty awesome, and u cn focus in other crystal ,CRIT, ACCURACY, etc . the damage of +6 bow, and +6 crossbow is different just Compare it, and u will know, any ways.. blessings suits at bow, more chance, and if u fighting short range char,u cn use orb walk, attack while running, after 1scnd attack again while running, cuz of high attack speed u cn do that easily, plus scatter show ,and trap. :) like from the info u cn control ur enemy, --sorry for bad english, hohoh.
  11. :facepalm: hahah,, ifeel bad foryou, look that proof, now? what now? :D
  12. >:D hahah,, he died cuz of choocing mc xD
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