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  1. On 10/28/2021 at 12:20 PM, LeeLoo said:

    representatives of the three strongest guilds from each troupe, who took first, second and third places according to the results of the weekly qualifying tournament. Each of these guilds must choose an assault group of 5 people (Guild Commander and 4 strongest players). Please note that the assault team must be in the same theater troupe! And besides, only those players who have contributed (at least 1 point) to the victory of the guild in the qualifying tournament can participate in the event

    So top1/top2/top3 of each troup will fight togheter vs who? All mc troups vs all elf troups? Or 1 mc troup vs 1 elf troup ? Or its 1 troup vs any others troup?


    Please WE need this informations

  2. Hello dear Arinar Warriors !


    I will update this post everyday until i will give the date of the event !


    Everyone there have already watched Squid Game i guess! If not go outside of your cave !


    I saw many remake of Squid Game in Minecraft/GTA/Garry's mod, but not yet in WS!


    That why my friends and me will re create it in WS! Of course it will be an WS version, i will not copy and paste the real squid game ahah!


    Now as every event there are an reward ! ( Last event that i made, the reward was around 200k mcoin)So for this event i dont know yet the reward i need contact some Hassn first ahah! But trust me it will be huge !


    Like i said before, this post will be  updated everyday until all informations will be gived!


    Stay activ and put comment or an reaction if you want take part !










  3. 12 hours ago, Speedom said:

    Rogues are fine. Everyone want their class to be the best of both world. I know 4 rogues (not gonna name drop). That can out dmg chiefs in dg and can 1v3 in pvp. There's a different in knowing your class and mastering your class potentials. That's in US-Sappire. Most of these topic are EU players, however, I recommend starting a topic on other tips, strategies, and guidance on how use to your class. Like I said Previously, rogue plays a critical role in gvg. Put your strongest Rogue as Heir and can tactfully teleport 60 guild members. Another thing, Rogues are flankers. If you charge in the Frontlines, of course you're gonna take some major dmg or get crowd control. The Rogues in US-Sapphire are dangerously strong. Idk how your EU Rogue players are.

    Im agree with 90% of what your saying but you still close on 1 point ...


    ITS A ROGUE TOPIC, that why we talk what rogue would need or not , is not because we are saying rogue need a rework that he will get a rework ... If your not rogue user dont stay here...


    Im old player , i have All class lvl 30-32 ,and yes in pve rogue need a little boost but ofc in pvp he is good no need change anything .

  4. 37 minutes ago, Speedom said:

    Nah we don't need a duplicate character. I want to see something different. Anyways, Rogues always been in the meta for dps. 

    Noobest DPS class on the game sadly.

    I dont see where is "duplicate"but np ahah, im +10 with mermen set rogue and a seeker +8/+9 without mermen set do more dmg than me( i have strong set)

  5. I 100% AGREE WITH HIM!


    Buff for auto attack and rework ricochet would make rogue FINALLY a little bit worth for the 2021 meta!


    Actually 0 mc class Can make more or egal dmg than seeker, in mc we lose All gvg that have pve parts lol and maybe New forsaken class will get something like seeker but can someone explain me something:


    Pala: have Shield skill

    Mage: mage have Shield skill

    Seeker: have Shield skill

    Priest: have Shield skill

    Templar: have Shield skill

    BD : have Shield skill

    Warden : have Shield skill


    Mc side:





    Nevermind we have others usefuls skills but its funny to see some differents like this ahah, mc need a char that equal the power of seeker ( dont charmer pls they need 1 minute to put All dogs and they Cant attack doors).


    Rogue are skills/auto attack user so maybe rework Frenzy like :


    delete the Crit and accuracy ( mermen gear and any others gears have it already alots).


    And put some Strength/Lifesteal buff.


    I dont really know but Frenzy skill even with 3846 buff it will stay useless ( sorry dev you cant be perfect everywhere :shy:)





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