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  1. Angelxgod

    Event DG under 3 min ? EASY

    2min 51 xD when final boss dead dg IS finish
  2. Angelxgod

    Ranger challenge!

    For complete this challenge you need only to rec and choose 1 partner to kill every mc or elf at dg 28 i will put all best rec in my ytb channel! Good Luck
  3. Halloween is finally here enjoy video ๐Ÿ‘Œand have a nice day
  4. Angelxgod

    2 Ranger vs MC

  5. Angelxgod

    Strongest classes right now!

    i say ranger because im playing that class and when you know how to play its amazing
  6. Angelxgod

    PVE vs PVP in Arena

    Ye music on x4 was not a good choice and thanks for that comment