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  1. Its the first battle pass we cant ask more, just wait and see how they will improve it but for the moment its really they think for people that cant bought it by giving craft/rep buff at the free side!
  2. Yes thanks but i already know that. Nevermind its ok...
  3. Nice change about monsters agro, I think its a bug only in the test server but warning to this ahah!
  4. Hello ! Im lvl 2 on the partnership, and I want to know with wich admin that i need to talk in private about some part of the partnership please !
  5. Here the second part ( i explain room mechanics)
  6. Yes sadly ahah that why we need frenzy as consumption skill! *_*
  7. Ye dude im agree but im on SEA-Pearl and there nobody have 32 set lol that why it would be good ahah!
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