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  1. Sadly Crit wont work in Arena buddy
  2. Release will be thursday ? We need try it fast to see what we need rework on the rework ! Rogue got pve buff but dodge nerf , and i wanna know if a rogue still can be usefull in pvp ( rogue have only dodge and stun to save himself in gvg, but 0 aoe like seeker, but seeker have a really stronger pve ) So let test it in test server before being angry
  3. THANKS FOR THE REWORK OF FRENZY SKILL ! Rogue are now a cool class also in pve ! For the moment my rogue deal so low amount dmg even if im +10 greatcharm with mermen set ... But with this update will be so cool ! #ripcharmer
  4. The event timer goe to 0 then nothing, door wasnt open too and no flag icon too! Maybe an compensation for every top 3 Guild in eachs troup ?
  5. So top1/top2/top3 of each troup will fight togheter vs who? All mc troups vs all elf troups? Or 1 mc troup vs 1 elf troup ? Or its 1 troup vs any others troup? Please WE need this informations
  6. LET TALK ABOUT ROGUE ! and testing rogue with full mermen set!
  7. Ahah, not Hassn but people like him !
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