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  1. Angelxgod

    2 Ranger vs MC

  2. Angelxgod

    Strongest classes right now!

    i say ranger because im playing that class and when you know how to play its amazing
  3. Angelxgod

    PVE vs PVP in Arena

    Ye music on x4 was not a good choice and thanks for that comment
  4. Angelxgod

    Sneak Peak New Trap for ranger!!!

    Hi to who read this and I make this video for people were cant do test server so you Can see what happen to ranger
  5. you destroy ranger once again... please next time demand to old player to help
  6. Angelxgod

    LE JEU EN FRANÇAIS ! French its here

    Yes We know but dont demand the translate for tomorow or next week , we know french language are really hard but we want a message from the game were said "We are Working on it " just only that we will be happy !
  7. Angelxgod

    LE JEU EN FRANÇAIS ! French its here

    Ye but we are like 150m people and more talking french ... There France ,Canada and some people in Belgique Suisse and there are a lot of people learning French in other country ... So yes that game need french .... PS:France are in final of Russia World Cup so its not nothing
  8. Angelxgod

    LE JEU EN FRANÇAIS ! French its here

    Hmmm Did you know?French people are really bad in English e
  9. Angelxgod

    LE JEU EN FRANÇAIS ! French its here

    Kk, Dear dev,gm,mod of the Warspear online game. I want to make a deal with you ... I want you to translate the game to the French language. Why i demand that now? Its because , your final of your world cup (RUSSIA world cup) if French win the world russia cup please translate ! There almost 6 year we waitin that ... By Megakronus, Kingsidior,Xbouboa,Bananaman,Nofearboyz,Cyberworld,Zarlockytb,Teamfrance etc.. There are like 50-60 more i dont say them... And all were i said are french player and played to that game like 5-6 years old ... PS: you get 4.2/5 on playstore and the only negative thinks its needed french translate! So you will be at 4,5/5 or more if you translate :p Happy birthday again !
  10. Angelxgod

    Ganker KOS List (PvP Cave) ~

    i got idea for that gankers stop gank, you can take top1 place in arena amp +10 your gear and that all easy way