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  1. First mermen stage you need to get a crown in the middle of the map. But how can we win vs seeker? Imagine seeker full talents full mermen rep with minion and boot that up speed underwater and + his invisible skill... How mc can win explain me please
  2. The game developer always saying they are not better faction than others but wtf. Me and my guild (cekta lvl 8 best mc guild in sea) are going to try to win mermen trial but how can u win vs seeker? Can you just tell me... (I'm talking about first stage)
  3. He his full resilience and full award and have u seen first episode ? Nope so dont trashtalk please thanks 🙃
  4. Angelxgod

    Guilde FR

    Tu joue toujours ? Si oui bah répond 😂
  5. I just wanted to share my sadness 🙃
  6. There are already 7 months I losed my guild bcs I was off 2 weeks because of my connection data so someone random of my guild kicked me and kicked all my guild members. -MegaKr SEA-Pearl Legion side -Guild was named Gladiator and now is MASTERS -*Orb Angelcrush" on YouTube Im not making this post to take my guild back because i know that aigrind dont care but all leaders know how its cost alot to lvl up a guild to lvl 7 with all skill 3/3 and how its hard to make gp in sea pearl... But nevermind now im heir on the best Mc guild "CEKTA" Thanks for reading.
  7. Yes he use staff craft +10 lvl 30
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