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  1. People should get some knowledge before they come and accuse one of the most trusted elfs for 5 years of scamming. And F*ck Jayrox and his daily harrasment, socipath lies. His obbsessed whole year on ignore but never give up. Now he pretend being hacked and from Sweden becsuse I am, just to frame me. But when people ask him questions in Swedish. He dont reply since he is German. And not even google translate can translate what I asked.
  2. ABC a bunch of immature kids that have to make drama in tournament result #22 in news and announcements. Grow up. I didn't talk a single bad word about any guild in the first post. You did. And Gabraunth your one of the best friends I had in warspear. Let the kids cry. They should have kept the drama in tavern. Not in news and anoucments. Some people just never L2P.
  3. Talk shit about my members as much you want. That just show what kind of person you are. No wonder Jonny deleted his chars and we got 7 +10 members. And all are self made. Wanna fight, just say the word, and pick me. Instead of someone that don't have ranged skills as in your ss. Howl! /Wolfsy
  4. Congratulations Legends! This was one of the toughest tournaments we have attended to. I want to thank all my members and friends in Legends, Iamdragon and Eternity, Broniuss and Egis from TheCore. Thank you all for your hard work and contribution. And a special thank to Gabraunth. We wouldn't have made it without you Bro. I am proud of all of you! :drinks:
  5. There was obviously a miss calculating when you changed the stats on Cloak of the Conquer. Even a lvl 17 cloak has higher stats.
  6. 5 power shot, 5 blessing, 3 scatter, 3 fire arrow.
  7. wolfsy

    Your ranger stats!

    If you have two ice rings, crossbow. If you use rings with accuracy then bow.
  8. Hi I am Wolfsy lvl 20 old ranger +10, I have played warspear for around 4.9 years and I have never scammed anyone. And I have transferred items for 100 of millions worth during the years. All have always trusted me. I made a guild Legends based on scammer free trusty nice members. Now there is a constant drama every day in world chat. Everyone is Tierd of it so drop it. I got my account hacked and all gold and mc stolen. It happened while I was smoking, As soon I found out I wrote to support and they responded within 30 minutes that they had reset my account and gave it back. (Thank you support) But while the 30-40 minutes the hacker had the account. He for unkown reason got over Anakpanah's account to. And I been talking to vicz and we been trying solve this. But the jealous haters never stop. Here is a little screenshoot of Anakpanah, where the person clearly said he hacked both my account and Anakpanah. At the bottom he say he is me. But how can he be me? When I am 30 year old Swedish man and he can't speak Swedish. No he pretend to be me because I am well known and try take advantage of that in scamming others.
  9. wolfsy


    My birthday's is 31 October ;)
  10. wolfsy


    http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=204.msg779228#msg779228 I never been a scammer.
  11. Sometimes support work good and fast. They found the hacker. Permanent banned! :drinks: It's probably the same guy that hacked my hotmail and facebook. (all have different passwords) Stop! Calling me scammer, I have played about 4.8 year's and been trusty scammer free the whole time. Whatever happened while hacker had my character I know nothing about . Thank you warspear support. :good:
  12. I am really proud of all my guild brothers and sisters in Legends! :give_rose: on EU Emerald who worked and fought real hard. A big cheers to you all! :drinks: AoA won first place as usualy, but congratulations to you and your new Firstborn/Choosen faction guild AoAl who surprisingly passed Dominators. I am a bit surprised to see another guild with same name "LEGENDS" on SA-Pearl but congratulations to you to.
  13. Nubrose and MagicJonny (probely misspelled magicjohny.) Nub my son ❤ snd magic. Guess who is back on ranger. Hoöe your alright old friends. R.I.P Mario you'll be remembered forever bro. Best regards and Good luck with guild. /Wolf.
  14. Yes he is serious, I played mage long enough. New skill is completely useless. Old skills have buggs. We have no stun. Necros have a very long stun ability to heal. Since magic def on jewlerys casters got harder. Since update. There ain't even a point to play mage. And I am max amp, mostly do arenas. Dont have slow reactions. And spent over 4.5 years in warspear. Ice rain would been better. Fixed skills that chains stun in able users to attack. That our shield skill raise protection more and boost our dmg to.that warp have chance to slow players down. For more effective use of shattered stones. Instead of a useless fear chance on fireball that get intdruped instantly if you lucly enoug to cast a fireball on a player while standing in blazing ground. Or that blazing stones dog higher dmgnand turn people that got affected of it on fire for and get a dot (dmg over time) increased since msgic def. Thats a few ideas to make mage not completly useless. Howl and out. /Wolf
  15. Well my + 10 mage has become so weak that i can barely kill any lock necro ranger bd rogue priest, druid anymore.Blazing Ground Skill is useless little dmg, short duration, fear dont work. Give chains stun instead and increase or magic dmg, and make it a dot skill thst make all enemies within radius burn for certsin ammount of time at least better than fire arrow. I feel sorry for all lower ampee mages. :/
  16. That bug affect half players of eu emerald random chars class don't matter. My mage it works, my ranger dont. And so for many but diffrent classes on ssme account.
  17. I can report 4 Mage issues. 1 (new) when fire ball sucess to fear the enemy while being standing in blazing ground. The fear instantly interrupts by auto hit. 2 Sometime when you use warp (mine lvl 5) on or right next to enemy it dont do any damage. 3 Pretty often when you use shattered stones on or next to an enemy the skill goes of but no burning stones fall down. No dmg. 4.The skill illusionary chains pushes enemy away and disable there movement for a short while. But all ranged classes can keep shooting hitting you so it dont disable there ability to use skills or auto hit like many other caster classes stun skills does. So its useless. edit: Also the skill blazing grond lvl 3 do about 100-102 normal dmg qnd doubble crit against low lvl mobs. And 1-50 max usually against players, 1 - 20 dmg on most cloth magic classes. And since it neither slow them down or stun enemy players just run trough it. Tested on a +10 Mage. With 6.4 - 8-6 penetration.
  18. They should fix Mages warp that not working 100% its like 90% and same with the fire rain (forgot skills name) 70% of the times the skill work. Rest they no dmg warp, and fire rain miss click like my gun. And chains still allow enemys to attack. Other classes stuns skills dont. And fireball dmg lowered by around 20 dmg now warp do 18 dmg more (same dmg as before) the reason you added 30 dmg to each mage skill was to balance our weakened attack against all classes due to magic def on accessories. Now you have removed around 20 dmg on fireball, and new skill should slow the enemies while in circle or stun them as warlocks at the moment players just walk out of it. And magic classes dont even take any dmg of it or very low. skill lvl 3 +10 lvl 20 Mage 405 dmg. I like mage allot but it so buggy, i cant beat a good druid even if fight take 2 minutes. He outheal me till mana is empty and life empty. How you think it is for low-medium amped mages? I go back to my Ranger till mage skills are fixed and Increased to balance magic def against necro, shaman, priest, druid priority, but also against all other classes for low-medium amped Mages.
  19. Yeah i could learn skill Blazing Ground on mage before last server downtime. But after half server get couldnt add skill "fire arrow" as an example. I get that on my ranger. All skill points required to learn expert skill used. Remaining skill points two at lvl 20. Like half the players on EU Emerald I got this bug. I tried un instslling clean cache instslling new apk from website. Same bug. Uninstall again clean csche reboot phone. Install from google market. Same bug. Fix It! I also while uninstalling found two warspear clients on my phone installed at same time.
  20. They should fix Mages warp that not working 100% its like 90% and same with the fire rain (forgot skills name) 70% of the times the skill work. Rest they no dmg warp, and fire rain miss click like my gun. And chains still allow enemys to attack. Other classes stuns skills dont.
  21. I sell for 39k (1k cheaper than Nadir trainer). Pm me on my Mage Nachi. /Wolf
  22. I have done that many times, they dont want experienced players who played games for 25 year. And have alot of knowledge and worked for EA Games. I sell New Mage skill lvl 18 Blazing Ground for 39k EU Emerald. /Pm my mage Nachi
  23. Wth have you developers never heard of beta test to find bugs before you release, I can't even express my thoughts. Been in Game branch alfa tester, beta tester for EA Games for 10 years. But you just releases stuff that you have to adjust buggs in ever 5 min. And i worked as GM your GMs dont even look at the servers, and your support. Frind that played 5 year got response on a ticket he sent in after 2 yesrs. What do you do with all money? Increse support staff, active GMs and a alone stading beta test server. Wake up.
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