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  1. Justikyzer

    Indian community

    @uk invite invite mat puch yaar jab thu takatwar banjaye ga log terko kud invite karenge aur mainland ke boss bekar hai 5-7hrs farm karega tho bi kabhi kabar kuch nahi miltha
  2. Justikyzer

    Lvl 15 bg sets

    you neeed full set to open d 2nd atrri n min 2items r needed for openin 1st atrri
  3. most of d old players help low lvls but it is new players who after becomin a bit strong tink dey r d kings of game n dnt even care to help call other ppl noobs -_-
  4. Justikyzer

    Indian community

    drops kiskobe nahi milre rey sirf repair he badra hai merko tho shperes be nahi milre -_-
  5. u need to kill necro wich is ind cave gaurded by bandits n take his staff to complete dat quest
  6. Justikyzer

    Indian community

    @nadan mast hai yaar xD
  7. well i tink bd is besttank it has better damage n speed :)
  8. wat connection u usin it works fine for idea n docomo i only try 10mcoins options dont knoe whether other options are workin
  9. us server 100times better dan eu
  10. yea decrease d rate of cc items we want old prices
  11. if ur quick opponent will never get chance to touch just need good dark magic n high mana
  12. Justikyzer

    Indian community

    chainless ke seva koi be kardunga agar ek druid layega tho mai aaj kal jada nahi khel ru tho cl ko mera pass jada time nai bas arena karthu aur offf ho jata hu tho koi normal boss hai tho bol mai kardunga
  13. lol y comparin ranger n warlock both r very differentt class if love ranger dat much play it n see hw much op it iis
  14. even i got qeust not found in unfrids cave deres an necro on top kill him n take his staff
  15. just open d door n run towards crossin again come n kill down guyz u can easily kill alone
  16. 5flash 5sap n5ham is my skill build itz good for both arena n tankin
  17. lol in lab messenger very close wen compared to harald also mc can farm torturer wid just 3ppl while we need full pt for exe so stop complaing
  18. Justikyzer

    Warlock for lab

    warlock is prety much useless for b1 n b2 but is invaluable from b3
  19. mini bosses need only 2ppl to kill just ask anyguy whose around u 90%ppl will help u rest wont giv u a reply
  20. warlock is very fun to play can own any class :D
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