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  1. No skin good enough Except axe
  2. And this is why elf got so many Damage all skills. Lol Anyhow locks are kings in wars. But I'm afraid of paladins banners all over the map. Will there be revival available in the area? Hopefully not And is banned Shitzo allowed to come back after he requested his own ban?
  3. Farewell and best of luck my friend. I will always remember you as Jamie but Mercurial as a rogue. We had some great runs together and as always they were always great because of you. You always kept the guild alive with your humor and simple conversations. Without you the chat is mainly dead. Go away and don't look back. We're always here if you need a friend and you're always welcomed but you're making a good choice. You should never let this get between real life. After all this IS just a game. For entertainment purposes only
  4. And saphire noobs crying about Paladins. Waaaaaa
  5. Will it be like old times. Earth dont fail?
  6. Great. Welcome to the suggestion box ;D
  7. Hello there development group, I would like to suggest new method for the coming arena rewards. Me and my friends are having difficulty trying to figure out who should get the reward and whether or not its worth our hard work and time to help. So my suggestion is this; For arena 2v2, rewards should go to top 2 because it takes 2 players hard work time money and skill to battle and win. So for 3v3, rewards should go to top 3 and 5v5 top 5. This way its easier to team up with a friend or friends and go for the win :drinks: I would like to know what you think. Thanks
  8. So when do we get consumable for skill shield strike without shield equipped? And why not some other skills require this?
  9. Lol hadn't noticed, we can turn off pop-ups! Weeeee no more buying pots by mistake :yahoo:
  10. Suprememan

    Craft error

    Salam rOland ;D craft error
  11. Ok lets play the 5 year old game. No! You're a newb so there go cry. Lol
  12. I recently spent a fortune to +10 my 2h. Now forced to amp 1h....yeah right. Thanks Devs .I.
  13. 1h in arena. You really want to do that? We already get kitted w 2h. Cant even scratch bd w 2h sometimes. By the time you get through shield he will ham then back up for cd on shield.
  14. Every update barbs get worse no matter how much we complain. Now barbs skill useless because no barb goes arena with 1h weapon. Why? To hit 200 dmg and then get kitted around by all other classes? Our counterpart BD gets dual axe and we are forced to use shields. BD have twice the defense twice the damage and twice the stun. Its sad I have to retire my barb, now I'm forced to use my lock. Maybe someday barbs make a comeback. Developers shit on barbs :(
  15. My friends and I think it will be more like knife with rogue's. Where you have to buy shields with miracles. Same goes with some other skills like sonic boom. So ... better? Speculation ofc
  16. Priest tears bd sonic boom pala banner add ranger blessing. Dungeon raids in 60 seconds flat. And you say mc have it best?
  17. No! Barb not forced to use shield for new skill. Please say it ain't so. And why CHANCE to stun, always with chance on barb. Can you give us a lucky charm to increase chance :facepalm:
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