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  1. What I would like to know is; What is the enchanting box for located on some skills?
  2. Barb charge now has dmg. 530 from 580 normal %) but fail stun has increased lol. 4/5 failed at skill lv 5/5
  3. New skill has long cd (60sec) and only good for a few seconds at lv4. Besides that, timing it perfectly is tough. Basically its worthless out of arena and pointless to level up to 4.
  4. I understand necro is in the healer class and may not be as good as a shaman there but you have to consider necro as a support class. Necro not only heals but has great damage support. Shaman doesn't support towards damage like a necro does .
  5. First post and now you are pro? You clearly don't have a clue or you are a bd in hiding. I've seen casters die kiting a bd just from counter. Caster hits 350 and counter 1300 Face it, bd needs a nerf and will get one
  6. Also give us new heavy armor with block. Real tanks aren't dodgers, only bladedancers are.
  7. Any dev playing Barbarian??? Our skill is based on perfect timing if duration is same as lets say roar. Bd sap parry and counter duration is until full cd. I think as a barbarian myself and always will be since 2011, all we ask for is for our skills to have better success rate. Charge shield bash and warcry all fail. Any other class with such successful rate??? A good AoE dmg skill would of been perfect. All others have them. Anyhow, peace and love from a veteran player
  8. Nice video! Unfortunately Barbarian doesn't have an AoE skill. All tanks like DK BD and Paladin have an AoE skill but not Barbarian. They do have plenty of skills that fail though (charge, shield bash and warcry) . I think I had the first solo dungeon video made , yet with their popularity nowadays, I didn't even win the contest I entered for back then. Yaaay! Warspear!!!
  9. On mob towers you just have to kill the lead wich has more hp.
  10. Back in our times, admins would mute our chats for days if you would insult a player enough and they had proof. That's no game anymore trOland?
  11. Pvprange. Hes the best at devouring down hotdogs while she is playing
  12. Haha Snorlax is the man! You all can have your Serpent, I've worn it long enough. Unique my arse
  13. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=117466.msg915217#msg915217
  14. I heard his ranger can chat with opposite factions and if you kill it he drops his pants. But we at Emerald never get that joy
  15. He's out there somewhere, maybe someday we'll get to catch that Snorlax I got my balls ready
  16. He can't say but my research says yes. Best time is the two holidays. Median Night and Snow Herald
  17. Median Night is almost here, is that Sam Hain's Horror Circus arriving by ship?
  18. Congrats to all you hard core GP makers. GM, now give us Median Night please and balance the game while you're at it.
  19. Steam community is big and mainly based to play games. This will bring more players to play/spend on warspear. What I hope is that GM improve graphics/resolution on pc version to catch the attention and "wow" the community
  20. Will this improve the pc version of the game in terms of resolution or viewing area?
  21. Barb I can do more with 4/4 war cry and pots scrolls I guess. Not to mention lol 20th gear. This 18 + shield arena
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