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  1. is story elf class..............................the end :bad:
  2. JC-clan hmmm i see is clan in other game... maybe some leader ;D
  3. i think nice idea ;D but some level for pvp ;)
  4. rogue special steal atk... u say rogue chiken!? LOL >:D
  5. admin please make sms payment for malaysia...! i waiting 2time update but cant buy mc... i want mc :aggressive:
  6. Kid

    HELLO! :)

    he already baned :lol:
  7. Kid

    HELLO! :)

    LOL spamer... :facepalm:
  8. run for regen not run for draw... run for draw he chiken :lol:
  9. game update is arena and mc shop only... my friend play 2 day already lv13 use mc item and arena arena... yeaa much ppl new can win vs ppl old use mc coin.... warspear broken, is game for ppl have much money LOL
  10. siapa..? Mang u tau dy cewek dari mana..? Takut cewek jadi-jadian :bad: :bad:
  11. Aha sya bkan indo tpi malaysia ;D
  12. Playing 2char pc and mobile is hard batter use 2mobile ;D my friend say maybe rules is 1advice 1acount and i have 2mobile 1pc :blush:
  13. maybe he use cheat... Why play 2char banned...? In other game not like this... Using 2char not cheat nearly the same as the team,,, to help the weak player... Is game hard hunt alone... :cray:
  14. Realy ;D thank sulla :yahoo:
  15. Please write here about the rules the players... And I want to ask 'play using 2mobile, wrong or not..? :unknw:
  16. skl trap is gud ;D i see ranger and i want kill he so i use invisible skl, he run and stand. time to atk lol he use trap..! he kill me easy :facepalm: gud trick ;D
  17. Help me kill bos... quest genie fire blood :)
  18. idea from tibiame :D nice idea bro :good:
  19. Please make sms payment for malaysia country or all country :friends:
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