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  1. Why? Nothing against you, take it easy You got only unluck.. That's all
  2. Well, however 90% have chosen that server knowing that it's a US server...
  3. Yeah, now only few people want to help others...
  4. I think nobody won't try to conquer Berserk and Magna's Castels
  5. With an Op warden yes Yeah, next step Hard Thank you
  6. Right. However today I couldn't partecipate because my guild is level 4
  7. First castle in Maliat is only for level 4+, Tlacot level 5+... I bet the next castle is only for guilds level 6+... Right?
  8. Magna helped Berserk to conquer the castle, now Magna won in the second guild castle... Who will conquer the third and last castle?
  9. I've seen it but all my party dead except me near the boss What happens?
  10. Thank you! Next step Normal Techno
  11. @Jcbreff @Urscrewed @Livi Today I've completed for the first time ever Easy Techno... a noob among an almost full OP heoes
  12. Gz, I need luck to find a party who wants to help me
  13. My friend do it so often and he usually advice me to do the same. Now he is OP and ever more rich day by day. Personally it's a bore job and I don't like that people thinks bad about me
  14. If we let berserk take the 1st castle? Don't tell me you are a Magna member because I don't think that other people helped Berserk to conquer the castle. I was there and I saw All Magna members standing in front of the gate ready to kill heroes who was trying to enter
  15. I've just created an hero on Sapphire However restart the game without my other heroes and where I don't know anybody it is pretty hard to play. It would be just like the first time ive been starting with my bd
  16. If you give me free stuffs and if there's always a slot for to make my hero, of course then!
  17. Well, thinks that Magna can count on one hundred of OP heroes with OP guild abilities... Everything turns around to them
  18. I can answer only in this way, you can interpret it as you want:
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