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  1. However I don't think Hassn is the main problem of all Emerald players... I don't know who is it! Everyone has got a problem: for someone is gain golds for to buy an item that wants, buy expert skill, scroll of life, reach high level, enemies that kill players... For example for me is to complete the Shadow Berengar (for me the worst quest) with the battery of my wireless phone that start to be hot after five minutes of game and let me stay in game for to find good party and obtain the mirror! What can I do? If I will tired to stay blocked in the storyline for a lot of time, I simply put off my phone.
  2. Are there items that have got skill cooldown except crystal/rune? I know that only mages have got this. I've read that Power of Blades should be fix, is it true?
  3. Another question: Attack speed is really useless for BD?
  4. I'd like to play this for hours and hours but I can't also because my battery become hot in few minutes and I have to recharge many times during the day This is why I don't like this type of quest! For bosses quests I've asked the help of my friend game but in this it is almost impossible for several reasons that I've said to you, like to find people that are free in that moment and then have the Luck to obtain the precious item. I hope to complete it because it's too sad give up and don't go on in the storyline for a restriction. I think that it is better open that quest to all people and let to take the mirror only by who has that quest. It's my opinion and my suggetions, nothing of personal. I like this game and how the support helps people ps: I hope my english is good
  5. This is a bad news And it is also hard for BD because six shadows use magic attack (I've read this somewhere, I don't know if it is true or not) My hero is level 18 with three pieces of Divine set, without expert skill (I'd like to have for first the passive skill Power of the blades, than Counter Attack and the Shield) and few money Is it better improve my hero (bigger, better, stronger, power like the song of Will I Am ) like has said Jzargo or try to do this quest?
  6. I mean this I'm blocked in the quest of six shadows of Berengar, what happen if I will not complete it? The difficult isn't the bosses but to find heroes that have got the specific quest
  7. For me this quest is the worst of all I did before because you should to find only heroes that have got this quest. Shadows could be difficult to beat and I'm agree but this restriction make it almost impossible. I wouldn't like to see heroes to stay blocked in game without have an help... This is my opinion. I'm looking for a party for to fight the six Berengar Shadows but nobody has got this quest, maybe for afraid or maybe for other reason about it. I'd like that all can enter in the six shadows room and to help who needs an help.
  8. I'm looking for someone that want to do the quest "Shadows of Berengar" with me. It's very hard (almost impossible alone if I dont use two or three hundred of potion) to finish it because need only heroes that have got the invisible cape. Who would like to join with me in this quest? Please reply here. Thank you!
  9. Hi BTminBT, thanks for your advise. I have got two pieces of Divine set (helmet and gloves) with +3 amp and I am keeping my money for to buy the others two without using miracle coins. I know, BD need a plenty of money (like other hero) but I don't want to give up and try to make my hero ever more strong as possible. The main goal in this and others games is have fun especially with people that want too Hi Koff, thanks for your advise. What's Counter? A question: during the battle in arena there is a moment when I can't use skill and move. Do you know why? Is this skill like Sap for BD?
  10. (Please, approve my post. Thanks in advance) Hello everybody! I'm Liidert. I started to play this fantastic game almost three months ago trying to improve my english as well. I tried to post this message about two months ago but nobody approved it. I've chosen Blade Dancer as my first and only hero because I read that it is the best for newbies like me. It has got a good damage and defence but not a good partner in dungeon or heavy monster if it isn't very strong. I found difficult in this excluding me in those activity (like Snow event), but I don't want to restart creating a new hero because it is always my first choice. With this hero I completed all quests of the native island and all quests of the the chainless league (friendly = 0) thanks to the people that have helped me. Could u give me some advice about the BD because there isn't an official guide? Thank you in advance!
  11. In this version I can play this game perfectly with my Symbian. Thank you
  12. (Please, approve my message. Thanks) Noo, it isn't hard if some lvl 26 will help you
  13. (Please approvate my post, thanks) Welcome! BD is the best but you have to choice by yourself. I choose BD because I read that is the best for newbies
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