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  1. Miserable attempt, one more sad soul in exile.
  2. Thank you. But cybernem and maili will never understand that every class have a different job, and that damaging/ccing in aoe ihe mage's one.
  3. You guys are talking just like if they were 100 mcs merged inside a 3x3 square, and that the mage managed to go in the middle alive and shatter them.
  4. On the first hand, you have the Warlock casting his dark circle from 5 yards, 100% stun (do you know at least how many targets it can trap ? It's still op in arena), and for a duration of at least 2/3 seconds. On the other hand, you have the mage casting it as a melee skill, 60% stun chance and for 1 second. I don't know how to play mage ? You're funny. Not everyone have +9 amp and a 50% dmg ignoring shield. Mages is a weak class, Being bullied by any other class. If they can have a strenght to rely on, don't nerf it.
  5. That's stupid. That would mean that top fighter will have to stay at the same level for one year. Let's see
  6. Song got a nerf because its duration was comparable to necro's nightmare. This skill stun lenght around 1 second I'll compare them to your favorite class, since it doesn't looks like you saw a lot of this game. They doesn't have a shield that "ignore" 50% of the damages They cannot pull out the back line during a team fight. They don't have a big stunning combo. You're just pissed out that warlock's circle have been nerfed (after all, you never complained about darkcircle, even during its opness perdiod). Mages is a squishy class, they're freaking weak un pve if they don't have some support to assist them. Just try to lvl up one to check that, and you will understand fastly why it's the less played class. EDIT : And I'll add something because you enjoy complaining about the worst class of this game. Shatters also stuns any boss.
  7. You can't krill them, tha's the point. They're something like 30/40 actives defenders. Mc didn't don't reach oftently our flag. Harad's banners unstealth rogues. Yes, this is ducking real, hassn takes at least 150k HP of the flag every wars.
  8. It's a 60% chance of stunning skill (at max lvl, you spended 4 points for it), you have to take a lot of risk to use it. Mages are already pretty lacking of hard cc, nerfing it would reduce a lot mage interest. You're a DK. Just freaking stun the mage and he'll die pretty fast. You have your own strenght, don't complain about others's one
  9. These 2 armors pieces have different name and different lvl. But I'm sure gm wants to make this armor set worth, so having only the name in common could be enought to unlock the set bonus. Either it wouldn't be worth to spam arena/lvl up
  10. It depends on how far gm is ready to sell the fun for money. I'm never said "Hassn shouldn't spam revive", nor "he shouldn't buy that much MCs". I just want gm to make wars more balanced. And elf side don't have the dark circle, so it's not that easy to stop him.
  11. Tone it down a bit. I was a pro mc, I played every mc class (shaman lvl24, necro 22, rogue/lock 20, dk 14, and my bro was a barb 23. I'm weaknight btw). Altought, I wanted to play a mage. Not willing to opress mc on US, I immigrate to eu, where I heard the population were more balanced. And yes, you stop saying "sire" it's pathetic
  12. By spaming revives at our flag. There is nothing fun un trying to stop a single unkillable players, while we expect to fight crowds of mcs. But 1 hour of full revive spam wasn't enought, this war he provided some others rogues with revives so they could get more flags before the end. Gm should limit the use of revives during the wars, but I guess Hassan pay them around 200€ or more each war Finally, the war of the spear is only about money...
  13. How do you guys react to the fact that 60% of the arena bracket are empty, and peoples spam them with a losing party ? More MCs spended, and so more money for you, or do you feel a bit like their is something wrong ?
  14. Haha for a long time DK were kitable sheeps. Now the deathknight have a signification
  15. Peoples will always complain anyway. But devs are getting better in making interesting boss. Let's just wait
  16. Lobsel

    Refund me my mcs

    Please, if you're here just to piss me, be mature and get out. Today it was 1 unity. And tomorow ? An unity sign ? I mean, it can happen again And 1usd is already too much spended for some peoples, don't judge on that
  17. Lobsel

    Refund me my mcs

    An unity pot. 140 MCs, I won't make more than 4k selling it on eu. It may sounds like nothing, but that's not the first time it happen, nor it happens only to me.
  18. "Sorry, it's impossible. Please, pay more attention and don't rush pressing buttons. Take care." ~ you don't lock a topic just because its content is disturbing for the game system ~ Nothing on this game is impossible for a game's admin like you. Tell me where is the option to remove these pop ups. Tell me if they asked me if I was sure that I wanted to buy this item. And then I'll stay quiet, I will assume that I could prevented this incident. Developing this pop up wasn't "impossible", and noone asked for this. It's stupid, we don't need this to know that these items exist. It's not even an advertisement for buying mcs, but a trap to missclick (as I did) and consume our MCs. You guys scamed me, and expect me to feel guilty so I can't complain. Well, developing team is responsable of this, and that's why I ask for a compensation. Sincerely Yours
  19. I bought by accident an unity potion. Since I never asked for this pop up to trick me, I think it's normal that you refund me the 149 mcs stolen. I would like to play this game without the feeling of being traped by some randoms pop up to spend more money. Do whatever you want to the unity pot, I never asked for it My character is Nairce on Eu Emerald. I thank you in advance.
  20. How does the new skill works ? I'm too poor to afford it, and the description ils kinda confusing me
  21. Well it's also effective in pvp if you face a burster or a stunner
  22. Nice up. Extra % of damages reduction decrease with the armor increasing. So if you cast that on a tank, it will only increase hir armor by a few %. But if you cast it on a caster, the % of damages reduction will be more increased. And since all the classes have the same magic def...
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