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  1. DK Saturation-Steel Hurricane is just like Mage skill, but only for 1 time use.. But even with that combo, it's true DK got Full HP Instantly if there a ton of mobs (like in TP Heroic), but that mean nothing cause after that Full HP Heal, A ton of mobs attack you again and u must continue tank again, sometimes DK even dying and must use HP Pot, cause the Heal from Shaman/Necro not enough to cover DMG from the mobs. Unlike Mage, with amount of mobs in TP, its like they use Full HP Potion all time, 1 skill = Full HP cuz it's hit all mobs at once.. and they have many AoE skills. Maybe it's true Paladin Banner used more as Control skill to slow down mobs while kiting, but they also just like u said, It's good combo Banner + Life Steal.. with amount of mobs at TP, and u put banner there, the banner dmg is lowered, but at least its still steal like 200HP/ticks? and its up for long time. I don't think there is any problem cause u only tank the 16k HP mobs.. Druid also can put em all to sleep.. With a good organized party, there is no problem. i think About the PvP, Well yeah.. Paladin with Magic Dmg Build is OP in PvP, cuz when banner only focused on 1 target the DMG is insane. Hahaha.. But if you complain it to the Dev, maybe PvP for them is 2x2, 3x3, and 5x5 Arena. Not 1x1. They might just said "This game is not based on 1v1, if u can't kill Paladin alone, then take your friends to kill them"
  2. In my opinion about Paladin in PvE.. It's true Paladin don't have any Tank skill, but they have Heal and AoE stun "Fetter", but let's not talk about Paladin only.. At Elf side, if you doing DGs (Example: TP Heroic) You'll probably get 1 Pala, 3 Bds, and 1 Druid.. or 1 Pala, 2 Mages, 1 Bds, 1 Druid.. As teamwork.. Paladin with Fetter, BD's with Rush, Druid with AoE Root Expert, or Mages AoE Stun.. It's make it like you not even Tank alot.. at Tower at TP Heroic, BDs probably use rush and the mobs keep changing target > then got fetter > then got Druid aoe root, Druid sleep, Mage AoE stuns.. Doesn't seems like Paladin need anymore Tanking skills.. + with Mage AoE dmg, i think at TP Heroic they killed all the Low HP Robot in sec.. only the 16k one left to tank. Unlike MCs, DK have Death Call, but we have to Tank the mobs 100% on DK, and shaman/necro healing em, and rarely to take Warlock into TP Heroic, even Warlock have AoE Stuns but compared to Druid alone its like 80:20.. Warlock only stun 5s. at TP Heroic party for MCs, we mostly take 2 Rogue, 1 DK, 1 Shaman, 1 Necro. Its true that DK/Barb have Defense skill, but the different in Tanking on PvE is also different on both side.. MCs need to tank 100% and killed em 1 by 1 slowly since we lack of AoE. While MCs need to tank everything from the start to the end, and Elf side only need to tank few than MCs cause of the AoE skill they have.. I don't think its right to judge the Paladin class alone.. The best result of performance is Teamwork.. Not a class that can do everything alone.. If paladin got a defense skill, then they will have Heal + OP Tanking + OP Dmg, it will be even more unbalanced in PvP, when they're already super good at PvP. Improving PvE skill will affect PvP also. Anyway from both side if we see,, Elf side always have better performance at DGs run than MC side.. They can done DGs faster than MCs always.
  3. Also at US-Sapphire MC's never get Wedgehead boss, It's always Elves who get the Wedgehead and killed it.
  4. The one AFK inside Vald's Castle only few and you're one of them.. We're talking about the one follow all the Events, not the lazy one offline inside Castle, Btw.. After MT i see you can't enter Vald's castle before the event Wedgehead is killed.. So how u gonna AFK inside now
  5. Any plan to make Vald's Castle Entrance a Safezone?
  6. At least make Entrance of Valdemar Castle a Safezone, Cause Elves blocked the door. can't enter.
  7. In my opinion, Paladin is already OP in PvP, they stun you for long time and deal free dmg on you + Banner dmg is op if you use Magic Dmg Build.. And at Arena, Paladin very good as AoE Stun *Fetter* and Banner Dmg. a good group support.. Idk in PvE, but maybe it lack of tanking capabilites, etc. i never played pala, but i planning to and currently making one at Lv.10, but i think Pala has a very good PvE support also, with fetter / banner they can slow down all mobs and u can skip all mobs safely and also i heard from Elf side, Pala can deal good amount of dmg in dungeon, so i don't think there is any problem.
  8. I played 7 months and got my Full +10 (without mcoins) and now i'm saving signs, gold, etc for future gear update, so i can buy the newest gear and amp to +10 instantly now well i quit for 5 months, but back again so in total now i've played this game 1 year and 5 months.. Btw, im not agree with "buy mcoins for change your drop rate" I never buy coins but i got hella ton of drops from dg, its all about Luck.
  9. My friend can't buy mcoin, Mcoin shop keep loading forever on his phone.. He want to buy Mcoins but he can't. Did this got fixed too?
  10. Wish me luck in Halloween !!! :)

  11. Is that link even work? The Link not even posted at russian forum yet.. Where u get it?
  12. Anyone want to make a party for Lv.25 Dungeon at test server? im rogue Kelvzs-SA.
  13. Sam Hain got executed because of his failure. RIP Sam Hain.
  14. a. nope, they probably give out ticket for rides / seeker stamina. b. the same as usual (maybe)
  15. Yea Well it's depend, i build it like this so i don't need many sets armor .. I can just use this set, still good dmg, and can tank.
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