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  1. I remember eating up a lvl 22 DK with full ex skills when I was using nub armor at lvl 18... Cyber why did you lose to my nub druid in the arena :c I really hate winning I still eat up necros with or without mental pit, they need a control skill to strive
  2. Tood

    Word Association

    We posted at the same time nub :c West
  3. Lock is the only op class in saken, dk is balanced but necro is underpowered
  4. Idiot, I've never said that elves have more advantages, do you rly think they have more advantages due to 2 classes? You're not so smart
  5. Lifeless is the boss in elves' T4 , you hurt his feelings
  6. You're neither a mod nor the creator of this topic
  7. Why do necros have mental pit anyways, they should get another poisonous skill, #Necros4Buff
  8. Dude we're talking about non-mcoin users, if you guys waste your gold on sup. chests you just buy shit with your money untill you're broke irl, that's adduction, while if we waste our money then we wasted a big effort, never buy sup. chests if you're trying to make gold, it almost always fails
  9. I meant the dmg tick, not the bind, wtf are you sick, ham > all skills of rogue :3 I wanna see a rogue with ham :3
  10. This is a how to make money guide not a how to waste money one
  11. I saw him with 1055, oh sh** I HATE YOU SKRILLEX, all card users deserve a ban :[
  12. I'm not a drama addict, give it to seduce, he thinks that's actually a "good" thing
  13. I'm not basing it on lvl 14, man is that the only excuse you come up with, I expected more
  14. Evidence? That 4% isn't much for 70% of the bds, only for +10, aka like 10% or something lets see Flash strike = Merciless strike Parry Ham > Gouge Sap Rush Sonic boom Counter (EVADABLE) > Both knife throws (though you can use it against kiters/runners) Enlightenment = Extermination
  15. Waste of money, that's the reason why I had a hard time gearing up, I wasted all my $$$$ on sup. chests
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