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  1. funniest part is Jamie saying he shits for other people not himself :lol:
  2. if this is true then well you are doing well but unfortunately this is not right, you are risking your health. I find it also easy to spend more then 10 hours in warspear from time to time but this should not be necessary to gain such fun items. good luck buying your cape or in your hunts
  3. did you buy stamina elixirs? and "beat the shit out of Ruberius" ? I have done over 150 dungeons, at about 75 I had finally completed my harad set. I have seen 1 useless Ruberius sun staff drop to someone who really didn't contribute to group and have finally gained a stupid necro staff myself. My opinion on these type of holiday items as they don't play a huge factor in becoming "OP" is there should be atleast 50 of each cape and each weapon dropped per faction. as novelty "fun" items how fun is it if no one gets one, and even if someone does get one how fun is that item when they decide to quit warspear? like night prince weapons how many people got these extremely fun weapons and how many people still play to use them? everybody wants something, but nobody gets anything how enjoyable
  4. Russians find it hard to read all caps bro
  5. I suggest make joker respawn a bit faster, and drop cost of pumpkin treasury to 250mc
  6. yea the leader and heirs are sly, if you are explorer or newbie you are only there to make leader and heir GP.
  7. Well there is no spot for malek in ABC I'm afraid
  8. Retard is that you? oh yip its perezkilla.
  9. When I started playing Warspear Online I read in the description regular monthly updates. 2 years ago..
  10. Why we always wait so long for update!
  11. yes it is only 2v2, should of thought about that before spamming a Lock to be great 3v3 master of no costume.
  12. It is clearly an energy bar..
  13. Wipe this game of this scamming scum! Peoples vote #1 douche bag!
  14. my gf told me to pick my towel up of the ground one time, so i smashed her in the face with a shovel :good:
  15. i judge u coz ur a biitch, how abouta no a
  16. coz ur a fjucking faggggot there is no place for you
  17. we want cu.nts with confidence not bitc.hes with "try", fujck u cu.ntface
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