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  1. Update looks promising.By the way,why the info related to test server is posted in russian forum only and not here?
  2. Okay,thanks for replying anyway,appreciate it.
  3. I have tried that too,even uninstalled antivirus and disabled firewell at one instance,did not work.It seems that the source code associated with cache update has some kind of bug.
  4. Warspear latest PC client (5.7.0) for windows is not working and is giving update error every time .I have tried everything including uninstallng old version,deleting old cache files,clearing cookies and freshly installing new version.Please look into it,thanks.
  5. nvm the question I asked got answered.You could delete my post.
  6. Admins,with utmost sincerity I would like to make a humble request to please consider the above entry of neku (nimerti,her bladedancer) to be still eligible to be considered among the entries which are to be evaluated in order to select the winners a week from now.It is true that due to unavoidable and unforeseen circumstances,the contest had to be closed before its actual closure date and it was inevitable of course,and I completely understand it.But unfortunately she was not aware of it so she could not post her boss before the new modified deadline. But still,she posted it just in time before the actual deadline expired,and would you not agree with the fact that there was a genuine reason for what happened?Please,do consider her entry as a valid entry for the sake of the spirit of a healthy competition and acknowledgment of the efforts we,the members of warspear family make everytime when given a challange - a contest!I hope I could my message properly to you. Thank you for giving your precious time here,I will be patiently wait to hear from you.
  7. [Please Admins,I just need 2 minutes of your precious time.Please do check what do I have to say,in the comments below. ] [ Porphyrion the fallen ] During the legendary war of spear,epic battles were fought and sacrifices were grave.In order to prevail in this fierce war,the tales of which are still told among every mortal alive,the mysterious wizards who unveiled the dark secrets of magic that were hidden within the Berengar's tower used the most powerful and forbidden art of magic ever existed - Resurrection! A number of mighty heroes and the fallen evil beings were brought back from the dead,to be manipulated and used as tools to bring an end to the great war.After it ended and intruders were anihilated relentlessly,the magicians set the souls of every resurrected warrior free,returning them to where they belonged. But,it is known,the great victories come at great cost.Among the chaos of the aftermath,an evil giant which was slain centuries ago for the sake of peace,broke free of the control of magicians!Filled with hatred for the gods who humiliated him and extinguished his life force for good centuries ago,he blamed their descendents and made them the subjects of his hatred.Now seeking revenge,the soulless warrior wanders in Arinar,trying to devour the soul of every mortal alive. Behaviour on map:- Boss Type and attack - Melee Boss HP - 750K Boss Attack - 600 Porphyrion would be surrounded by 5 of his minions of 20k each which will attack anyone who either attacks them or the main boss.Their respawn time will be 5 minutes. Skills:- WarCry :-A fierce roar which would stun every player in 5 yard ranger for 2.5 seconds.cooldown period:- 45 seconds. Mighytswing: Dealing heightened damage to tank.cooldown period:- 1 minute. Rageburst: Boss stuns the tank for 3 seconds.Cooldwon period:- 1 Minute. Ironfist: Boss hits the ground with his fists,causing a shockwave which pushes all enemies within 5 yards of range,2 yards backwards.Cooldown period:- 45 seconds. That will be all.Thanks for reading.
  8. How much dmg % would the cloak contain if the one who wins it is a caster?15%?
  9. Thesamurai


    He's just trying to confirm if Robousska is working or not, I guess.
  10. They are just average.and kirihito I did not even hear about.
  11. Every #1 spends all that cash for arena reward equipments,that's a fact.
  12. Don't see any good priest around anymore.
  13. Didn't lvl link because it isn't pvp skill.
  14. Both skills have their own perks,simple as that.
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