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    Aether reacted to Daria in [2017.11.27] Game servers stop. Farewell to the Median Night holiday!   
    It's time to say goodbye to the Horror Circus: on Tuesday, 28.11.2017, at 08:30 CET our game servers will be stopped due to the end of the Median Night holiday.
    The game will be unavailable for about 2 hours.
    Also, the bug with incorrect value of the Stun bonus (when enchanting heavy boots with a Stun crystal) and Damage Reflection bonus (when enchanting a heavy belt with a Retribution Rune) will be fixed.
    Please, don't plan anything significant in the game at this time.
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    Aether reacted to Daria in [2017.11.02] Warspear Online is now on Steam!   
    Good news for all Warspear Online players throughout the world - now you can add our 2D MMORPG to your Steam library and get an excellent in-game gift: http://store.steampowered.com/app/326360/Warspear_Online/?utm_source=of_site&utm_campaign=forum_steam   Steam version of the game features: - Fullscreen mode - Automatic updates - Nostalgic music - Steam achievements - Steam trading cards, backgrounds, badges, emoticons - Windows, OS X and Linux support with automatic cloud data synchronization   After joining us on Steam, each player will get a unique costume of Steam Gentleman/Steam Lady for one of the characters. These are new outfits that will be available exclusively for those who play Warspear Online via Steam.   Please, notice that this gift will be sent to the mailboxes of all characters on your account. You can choose the character who will claim this gift for yourself.   Join us and may the force be with you! AIGRIND
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    Aether reacted to Daria in [2017.10.05] Warspear Online on Steam   
    Good news, everyone!
    Warspear Online will finally be available on Steam soon! Prepare to add it to your library and enjoy the game with full support of desktop platforms, namely full screen mode and music. And we hope that you'll also appreciate Steam achievements and some nice-looking assets.
    Making the game accessible and gaming experience more enjoyable to players is the goal we are trying to achieve with this release. Its preparation may have taken us some time, but it's finally over, yay! Now, we only have to wait till November to be able to launch the game via one of the most popular game distribution platforms.
    Meanwhile, you're welcome to check the game page and leave your first comments on the game: http://store.steampowered.com/app/326360/Warspear_Online/
    See you there!
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    Aether reacted to Daria in [2017.10.09] Welcome the week of bounty!   
    Warriors of Arinar!
    While we are preparing for the annual Horror Circus, welcome the Week of Bounty! Pass the time till the long-awaited event and get the chance to obtain great gear and to dress up for the holiday!
    Only during this week:
    - double drop rate of all weapons, armor and accessories in all Dungeons;
    - double drop rate of all weapons, armor and accessories, as well as costumes, from all mini-bosses, bosses and raid bosses;
    - all heroic Dungeons drop rare costumes of Snorlar and Bonewinged Guard;
    - Technopolis Dungeons of hard and heroic levels drop unique costumes of Steam Bender and Tube Automaton;
    - double Guild Points reward for Dungeon completion;
    - double amount of Crimson Corundums given for winning the Guild Tournament (places 1-3);
    - Guilds having taken places 4-10 in the Guild Tournament will be rewarded with Crimson Corundums and Bronze Coffer (counts for the Non-fading Glory achievement).
    The event starts 09.10 at 13:00 CEST and will last till 16.10 12:00 CEST.
    More drop for the God of drop!
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    Aether reacted to Daria in [2017.09.21] Testing Warspear Online client for WIndows Desktop   
    There is a new version of the game client that we'd like you to test.
    In this beta-version of the Windows Desktop client:
    * added fullscreen mode (may be changed by Alt+Enter or in the menu)
    * improved windowed mode (you can now change the window size as you'd like)
    * added in-game music
    UPD new beta-client:
    * Fixed the bug with Alt+Tab in full screen mode
    * Fixed the issue with CPU and performance
    The game now uses OpenGL rendering, so make sure that you have the latest version of video driver installed. The minimum version is OpenGL 1.3, the recommended – OpenGL 3.0.
    If there are any issue with how the game is displayed (for example, black screen of death), the game fails to launch or even crashes, please, provide us with the following information:
    - model of you CPU
    - model of your video card
    - info about OpenGL driver from the game log (Warspear_systemlog.txt), these should be the lines like the following:
    15:04:16.279 [GL INFO ] Version: 4.5.0 NVIDIA 384.94
    15:04:16.281 [GL DEBUG] <GL_ARB_multitexture> extension supported
    15:04:16.281 [GL DEBUG] <GL_ARB_multitexture> OpenGL version 1.3 supported
    Install it, play and, please, report on any bugs and errors you experience!
    We're waiting for your feedback!
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    Aether got a reaction from Akasha in Amplificações De Itens   
    o único truque é ter muito dinheiro
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    Aether got a reaction from KatyParry in Youtubers do Warspear Online [Brasil]   
    eu passei dias procurando na internet como fazer isso, e um dia descobrir sem querer 
    pensei em mil aplicativos poderia me ajudar a resolver e não lembrava de fazer a coisa mais simples que era abrir o gerenciador e maximizar o warspear 
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    Aether got a reaction from Milleina in Ws contest '16   
    good luck 
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    Aether got a reaction from Hansh in [2016.07.15] Batalhas por territórios especial !   
    será uma vitoria para os elfos 
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    Aether got a reaction from Unfeliz in [2016.07.08] The bug in the Dungeon was defeated!   
    all quiet here too   
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    Aether got a reaction from KatyParry in ~Beauty contest 2016~ ❤   
    I wish you good luck in the competition, katy   
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    Aether reacted to Lhuz in Photo for the contest - Rodrigo !   
    Boa sorte  
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    Aether got a reaction from LUIZFRL in Espaço Denúncia [violações de conduta]   
    antes de tudo boa tarde, é contra a regra a negociação de mcoins por métodos que não seja da loja oficial .. em vez de você dar dinheiro a esses jogadores que não seguem as regras, você deveria comprar direito da loja oficial e assim ajudar a empresa a manter o jogo online entre outros custos que devem ter ..
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