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  1. We just got 3/3 def today! Join us today we are looking for loyal active gp earners who will keep the guild chat full
  2. I'm very interested in this Do we get to pick the parameters? because that would be even more EPIC
  3. Nice idea but I've seen this element of boss overplayed in other RPG's I like the buddah those
  4. I wouldnt mind getting the male version of this costumes
  5. Even if you don't win I'd suggest this boss get added as a sister counterpart to the winners boss
  6. hahaha I find it funny how so many people are trying to "boost" their win its like dude just chill back and let the crowd love ya
  7. HAHAHA yes malax you have boss worthy name Jaalax will be know secretly as malax's evil brother enemy to deathgodz
  8. Besides the drawing I love the story honestly tryed my best to fit it in to the warspear history I was thinking this boss could have a quest to unlock him involing garaans prison & going through catacombs for history to defeat him
  9. So sad such a sweet contest no one actually puts effort into it just tryn to cheat
  10. I ment 500k hp in 3rd stage my bad but thank you everyone i hope I win i wanna use thsoe Mcoins to boost my guild & hopefully maybe get US servers first spawn suit
  11. If you can read I'm not gonna write my characters name on my drawing & ruin it I actually like this drawing ~ as powley said tho haters need more proof? I'm sorry I went to a art school & know how to draw
  12. OK Ok hold up just so I can make all of you happy lemme do what the lovely pow powley said
  13. If it comes down to it I will draw my chars name & server on it in person even take a picture of me & the picture I drew I used the editor for a signature on the drawing cause I honestly didn't want to ruin this picture I spent 3 hours to draw Sorry I'm a OCD artist ty for feed back tho
  14. Sweetnesss book of obivilion is exactly what I need :3 digging the broke equip thing too! hopefully you only take 3 hours instead of half the day
  15. Lmaooo he uses the word "about" to basically tell you that it won't be down in under 3 hours more like a whole day :S this blowwwws
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