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  1. By the way it might sound silly... but i don't know how to create a ticket... Can you please guide me through that. Thanks!!! )
  2. Thanks for your advise bro, will do this now )
  3. TWAT my account has`t been active for months. Think before you type.... IDIOT
  4. Hello dear players/member of staff... I use to be a player of this game back in the day... quite active one... until i went for holidays for 3 weeks and i lost leadership to my guild and it got sold... Now I want to log back in but unfortunately my laptop has changed and i don't have my in game ID anymore by any chance is there a way to recover my log in ID? I do remember my password and ETC... is just my ID... Thanks
  5. also guys i would appreciate if you could have a look at my thread bout seeing how much gold has each member of the guild donated towards the guild. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php/topic/43056-guild-deposit-option/#entry796681 Guys support this!!! and lets have this update done ASAP!
  6. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php/topic/43056-guild-deposit-option/#entry796681 Guys support this!!! and lets have this update done ASAP!
  7. Is there any information out for arena season???? its taking ages..... can someone please announce the date of season end finally? this god damn season is killing me... im already ready for next season... i hope that with this update arena season RR will be done.
  8. An option in guild that would allow guilds leader/Heirs to see how much gold a week or in total has each guild member deposited in guilds warehouse vault. In my opinion this update would be great since i`m trying to get my guild members more in to guild by donating tor lvling up etc... and this update would allow me to see who has donated and who hasn't. I hope that this update will be considered and implemented into the game ASAP. Thank you guys hope everyone will like this! I have more suggestions which im planning to share with ya`ll shortly!
  9. Well honestly I'm happy with this years event since last years events was making ice equipment far away from rare... but also this year it weren't planned correctly in my opinion. I think there should of been at least loots of 1 each items to all servers + all levels. For example in BR server nobody have got lvl 14 staff and crossbow yet as loot... As I`m the ORIGINAL LVL 14 servers ranger i was looking forward in to getting crossbow or buy. But oh well maybe add another extra day with increased drop rate on items that still weren't dropped. Well i hope you will update this some how to add un dropped items to the game. Thank you. Yours sincerely loyal gamer.
  10. liitovcas

    in game

    Hey guys am i the only one who cant log in to the game right now???
  11. Can you guys please finally announce the date of arena season end Thank you
  12. Can you guys please announce arena tournament finishing date?
  13. liitovcas


    Hello fellow players, does any of you know realistic % figures when amping items from +9 to +10, I`m loosing my hopes to amp my runic cross in Br server now i have already used over 80 sign sets what is ending up in shit load of money from my account
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