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  1. Daily quests in Irselnort should be kinda balanced. What's wrong with them? They take too much time for "daily" quest. Grind is ridiculous, these quests take sometimes up to 20 minutes to be done. Not all players are willing to spend their money on getting their equipment to +8/+9... Requirements such as these are not so friendly and healthy. In comparison with daily quests u get in Ayvondil, which are really easy, this is ridiculous. This way, lower level players suffer more than higher ones. How to fix this? Quest requirements should be cut in half. Thing like "Exchaning posts" should be introduced. How would these thing work? Simply, each camp/town should have one of these. Because Warspear devs decided to lower gold of all monster drops to a single gold coin, players are these days looting only items they need. Lets say u have daily quest that requires from u to get 30 Tongues. U get these Tongues by killing Wolfs which also drop things like Fur and Animal Eye. Now, these Exchange posts should work like this. Instead of grinding like retard, lets say u loot 20 Tongues and 15 Fur and Animal Eyes. Now, at these posts u can trade 3 Furs for Tongue (3:1 ratio). Same should be for other items. Sorry for not explaning it a little bit better but i hope y'all understand and support this idea!
  2. What is max level to get drop from mythical bg? Is it like two level difference?
  3. And someone is just abusing this chest and getting gold like crazy... Makes me so sad when i look upon this game, so much potential but it's in wrong hands. I just hope it won't end up like H1Z1.
  4. If i remember correctly, i got Unity Sign out of it.
  5. For love of god, do something about Kotaravva and place where Will'O'Wisps are with chest. There is no point in having it if people can abuse it by leaving their account there and harvesting chests every 30 minutes. My suggestion is, everytime when u loot chest, teleport back to Zeneth Haf. There is no point in freeloading like this. For 7 years of playing, i only had one chance to loot this retarded chest...
  6. Yea but only people which benefit from being at lower level use that potion
  7. Finally someone agrees with me! Anyone else?
  8. See? That's why they should do something about it.
  9. Yea but why waste pot time for nothing if you are offline? What's the point? I know that the best way to use xp pot is 6 hours before reset and after reset u have 6 more to do quests again.
  10. I've been playing Warspear for almost 7 years now and i noticed one big problem with it. I played all kind of MMORPG's and there is one thing that bothers me. Let's say you have XP potion which last for 12 hours. You activate it, play for a hour or two and then u decide to log out. You decide to go and take a sleep and when you wake up in the morning, BOOM, it expired. Same goes for minions, other potions, scrolls, etc... I think that most of players would agree with me if i asked for some kind of "pause boosts while offline". It could come in handy. Correct me if im wrong!
  11. Does it increase chance to avoid a critical damage from other player too or it just works for mobs?
  12. Sorry Fire and Ice,i didn't mean to be rude.It just feels wrong to manipulate with game.Hope in some near future GM will be able to do something about it ... :/
  13. Come on,u really buying that?Just stand there and watch a guy for a little bit.He's botting 100%,i bet my life on that.
  14. GM u have to do something about that,he's making money on the game ...
  15. GM could start baning them starting from this guy
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